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Alaska’s Liza Ross Down 61 lbs in four months, and counting…

Weight Loss Success Story Spotlight: Liza R.

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It was an honor to interview Alaska-based team member Liza R. Her progress is jaw-dropping. Since starting the program on June 19th, she is down 61 pounds by her October 22 weigh-in. That’s pretty amazing. She was kind enough to share her story and tips for success with all of us.

1.) Can you share a little bit about your story and what made you decide to give this program a shot with so many competitors on the market?

I heard about the program from Katie Becker. Seeing all the pictures of people on the private Facebook group was really motivating.  I have struggled with my weight since I was eight. I blamed everyone but myself.  I finally lost weight in my first year at college but that was from not eating. Most likely, I was close to being borderline anorexic.  So when I started eating again it all came back. And then some…  I have tried diet and exercise, Weight Watchers, more diet and exercise and I never lost much. I have PCOS which makes it hard to lose weight and creates insulin resistance. I then got married and had two kids which added to my weight gain. I was at a point when I needed to buy bigger clothes or lose the weight. I chose to be healthy!  I want to play with my kids and be here for them for a long time! Starting this plan was the best decision I have ever made.

I liked the program because I saw the results and read the stories.  Plus I liked that it uses organic products and builds muscle.  I hesitated for a while about the deep cleanse thinking I could never do it. Well, I did it and I love it!  It helps me control my eating!!  It showed me I don’t need to eat if I am tired and being lazy, I just need to get up and move!!

I have to lose half of my weight and I am 1/3 of the way there. I still have a ways to go but see a difference on the scale and in my clothes.  I have gone down 4 sizes – 1 every month!!!

2.) What do you say when people notice your weight loss?

I say, thanks!!! I tell them that I am increasing my protein, eating organic, and eating very little carbs.  I actually crave vegetables!  My co-worker always comments on how well I eat.  Being overweight, that never happens!

3.) What are your tips for success on this program?

Stick to the program and make it work for you!  If you cheat, keep going.  It’s life, the world celebrates with food.  It will happen but you get back on and keep moving forward!

Also, the support and encouragement is amazing!  Coaching support from Katie & Adam has been fantastic!  Plus I have another support group of women who have a lot of weight to lose and they have been huge in helping me keep on going even when I get stuck.

4.) Anything else? How has your life changed, or your family’s lives since starting?

I have tons of energy, I feel awake even if I get less sleep, and I have the energy to come home after a draining day at work and enjoy my kids!!

I have seen great changes with my mother-in-law and mother who also started the program. They are loving it and doing great! A friend has started and is seeing great changes!  I am still working on my husband…he told me the other day that he finally knows what jealousy feels like.  He sees me shrinking and wants to shrink too!

4.) What are some of your favorite ‘must-have’ products?

Products: all of them!  Ionix Supreme – a little extra on stressful weeks; e+ shots – on cleanse days help me stay on track and busy; IsaDelights – delicious chocolate morsels; IsaLean bars – meals on the go. I change up my meals/shakes on different days to have dinner with my family and I do 3 deep cleanses each month. The cleanses helped me realize how addicted to food I really was. Oh and Bedtime Belly Buster – it puts me right to sleep!

To get started on your journey to better health, contact Katie or Adam Becker at (585) 687-8131. Free coaching and support group provided for all customers!

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