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Owen Drops 40 lbs, Reclaims Energy, Finally Finds a Plan That Works


Growing up I was always the heavy kid. This was something that was never very e

njoyable but I felt it was something I was stuck with as that was just who I was. As I got older my weight fluctuated drastically over several years but finally ended up on the heavier side. Over the past several years I have tried several different ways to lose some of this additional weight through diets, exercise and yes even some of those as seen on TV products that we all want to try but trust me they don’t work. It just seemed like nothing worked so I basically gave up. The worst part of being in this situation was my lack of energy and just plain desire to really want to do anything.

After a period of about a year of just feeling horrible I decided I had to make a change in order to enjoy life at all. After talking with a couple of friends who lived something called the “Isa Lifestyle” I was very intrigued by what it was. They both sat with me  and went through everything about what it was and although it sounded like a large commitment it did seem like there was a possibility of great potential and after seeing how much energy they both had I knew that this was something I wanted to learn more about.

The final kick in the butt came while visiting home and sitting with my sister talking about this new program she was about to start. Turns out it was the same program. Her first delivery came while I was there visiting and we read through everything together and although there was a lot involved it actually seemed very easy to follow and felt like something that I could do. Fast forward 3 months and I decided to start this myself as something just seemed right about the timing. So I placed my first order!!!

When that first box arrived it was an amazing feeling as if a new me was just waiting inside that box. I got everything organized and set my schedule and started everything 2 days later and have never looked back. Starting out was a little hectic as I was constantly forgetting something at home that I needed while I was at work so I figured out way to split the items I would need at both work and home so that I would not forget anything and after about a week a routine set in. I could feel a change in me overnight as if I was filled with a new energy to want to do things and enjoy life again. After having tried all of the items that came with the pack and hearing so many of the different comments about how some people don’t like certain products I have yet to have even one that I didn’t like which a major part of keeping the momentum in a forward motion. I would have to say I enjoy the E Shots a little too much sometimes on my days off as I never want to just sit and relax any more but on the bright side the house has never been cleaner or more organized and the chores list just gets smaller and smaller!!!

The hardest part in this whole program was adjusting it into my work lifestyle. As a hotel sales manager much of my time is spent entertaining clients, attending business dinners and just basically socializing with a glass of wine in one hand watching for the appetizers to be passed. I found myself being very scared that this would affect that portion of my life in a negative way but it actually could not have worked out better. For the first 30 days I stuck to the plan completely and because of that everyone began to see a change in me which started up that conversation and allowed me to explain why I didn’t have that glass of wine in my hand but instead a glass of club soda and instead of the fattening appetizers I stayed more with vegetables and proteins. Everyone was so impressed my worst fear was alleviated and now I am able to have that occasional glass of wine with them and not feel like it’s going to mess up the whole plan.

This is something that I could not have done without the support of those 2 friends who still help me to this day almost daily with support, advice and just basically being there to have fun with. I have found a new love of the health food store and read food labels more than I have ever done in the past. While this has changed by entire lifestyle I can honestly say that it is definitely for the best and I will never go back for any reason.

As I finish up my first 90 days in the next 2 weeks I am currently down 40+ lbs. and could not be happier. I am looking forward to the next chapter which is to return to the gym and work with a personal trainer who is also a good friend and knows what a trip this has been as he has seen the changes with me and wants to help me get to that next level and tone up a little more.

To anyone that is looking at getting started on this program the best thing I can say is to find that friend(s) for the support, if I did not have that at the beginning I have a feeling I would have given up once again. The results just happened so fast that it made me only want to keep going and their support just kept pushing me forward.

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