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Jim P. Reclaims Energy, Health and Finds Path to New Future

PictureJim’s impressive, FAST results! Truly a ‘Product of the Product’

SUCCESS STORY: Jim Pietrzykowski

Many thanks to Jim for sharing his inspiring success story.

Q: How did you get started with the plan?

A: Jenny Reichert called me in October and told me she needed someone motivated to join her team, so I did. Jenny and I have been friends for about 25 years. Jenny had me so pumped up I started the business side 5 minutes after we hung up, even before I got my shipment!

Q: What was life like before starting the plan?

A: It was hectic. I was sluggish – going to the gym & forcing myself to run. I was also exposed to extreme mold in September so I was constantly sick. I couldn’t run, I was hardly going to the gym, and I wasn’t eating like I used to. On October 3rd I reached my heaviest weight.

Q: What are your goals with the program?

A: My goals: to drop 15 pounds, to get my 18-year-old body back, and to get my 6-pack back! I hit my first goal in less than 30 days once I started the Pacesetter Pak, I am still working on my goals, My abs are getting there but still not perfect! My other goals were to get my parents on this program, My mom lost 10lbs just by doing a morning shake and my Dad just started last week and loves the Isagenix Snacks and now realizing why I love this!

Q: What are your tips for success?

A: Stay Positive & Focused. Create small gaols before you set Big ones. And NEVER EVER give up!
Routine: M-F I wake up at 5am go to the gym before work, take a double WME, workout, take my IsaLean Pro shake, my natural accelerator, and 16.9oz of water then for lunch I eat a Lean Clean meal either grilled fish, lean chicken, or venison with steamed veggies. Then after work I go back to the gym to beat traffic and run 3-5 miles. Followed by another shake or lean meal. I cleanse once a week and do a Deep Cleanse once a month. On Saturdays I run 5-10 miles and on Sunday I take an extreme class at the gym. I try not to do cheat days, I stick with the same program every day. I hardly drink anymore and I drink 90 + oz. of water a day (something I never did before, it was usually a beer or vodka after work! or twelve… )
Q: What are your favorite products?
A: Favorite products: IsaLean Pro, IsaLean bars, and on cleanse days IsaDelights! I wish I started with IsaLean Pro in the beginning it’s the best protein shake I have ever used!

Q: What’s nextt for you?

A: Naked Peach! In my next 80 Days I am going to double my team & create strong leaders! My team is currently doing a team building competition with Fitbit to encourage exercise and staying fit! My top Fitbit leader does 16K steps a day or more! I am currently focused on building a strong team and coaching them on their new journey! A few members of my team are going to Celebration in San Diego (August 23-26) because they saw the huge change since I came back from New Year Kick Off. I have the greatest team, and proud that they are all my close friends and family! My Team is also going to start traveling to help other teammates do their first Launch Party. The first one will be in NYC this February!  Jenny & Aaron saved my life… if they didn’t call me in October I would still be miserable, frumpy, and out of shape. They are a true inspiration, and so grateful to have them as friends! (At Right: Jim today!)


Jim today!!! You’re welcome, ladies!


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