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Busy Mother of 4, Amanda P. Redefines Clean Eating With Isa, Paleo, Crossfit and Breastfeeding

Already a ‘clean eater” before starting the program, Amanda Palatian shares her journey, how she incorporated Isa, paleo, Crossfit and breastfeeding, her tips for success, and goals going forward. 

1. What made you finally say ‘yes’?
A friend of mine who had been using the products for several months asked me if I was interested. I said no, that I wanted to just eat clean (paleo) and crossfit. I figured since that had worked for me in the past (to an extent) that it would again. Her results were good but I don’t think I even thought about that. She added me to a private Facebook group so I could see others’ results. I told her I was going to give Paleo and Crossfit a month to kick start my weight loss before vacation. After one month one of Paleo I wasn’t seeing results; I actually gained weight! So, I figured I would give Isa a try sooner then later. I created my own pack, as I felt that I would need more of the snack/meal bars for calories (due to my workout and breastfeeding). After two weeks, I got my husband saw my quick results and enrolled with a Pacesetter Pak. I definitely regretted not ordering this when I started, since it had all sorts of awesome extras!

2. What was life like for you before starting this nutritional program?
I had recently had my fourth child and had been getting my baby weight off. I did manage that before starting Isa, but I never could get down to where I really wanted to be. I also was on my own with my attempts. I definitely had some serious sugar addictions, a slight caffeine dependency and an unhealthy relationship with food. I was always all over the place with my diet. Never really settling on a certain way of eating – one month I was eating clean, then I would calorie count and eat whatever as long as it was in my calorie limit. Or I would drink coffee to keep my appetite down as long as possible so I could skip breakfast. Then I would be on a kick where I was planning on starting a diet so I would just have whatever I felt like eating. My Energy was inconsistent to pretty low most of the time.

3. Please share your success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
So far so good! As of now, going on about 6 weeks of using the products, I am down 19 pounds and at least 33 inches (didn’t measure my whole body for the first 2 weeks and haven’t measured in well over a week). I originally wasn’t doing “deep cleanses” due to still nursing my baby. I was also on a higher calorie allotment daily as well. Now that baby has weaned I am trying to follow the plan more strictly. Have had really great and FAST initial results. Am at a weight and size that I haven’t been at for about 7 years. I finally feel like my body shows all the effort that I put forth. I felt like it was pretty frustrating before to have to work out so hard and then go on these diets where I would lose some weight but never really get below a certain point. Now that I have gotten to where I am at and in such a short amount of time, my fantasy goal weight (since we all have a realistic and then fantasy goal weight) feels like a totally attainable goal. I love the accountability I feel now and then sharing my story and getting people into this. Then when I get people on the products I get to coach them and encourage them to succeed. That feels great and only further makes me want this as a healthy and permanent lifestyle change for myself. I have much more control with my eating, feel more consistent energy and fit into most of my “skinny” clothes now!

4. What are your favorite products? Why?
I love Isalean Pro! Great post workout recovery. It feels so nourishing when I drink it. E-shots for a workout boost and for a general pick me up. Great on cleanse days!! The IsaDelights are wonderful yummy chocolates, helps with cravings!

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?
I still have more pounds and inches to release. Definitely want to do some more deep cleanses (I have completed two), they are not only helpful with results but they really help me feel more in control of mindless eating. I am totally sharing with others, love the business side of things. I feel like this is such a high quality product and that there is this community side of it where everyone wants you to succeed. I want to share that with the people that I love! Its also surprising how many people you meet, its like an open door to talk to others and actually have something to offer them that’s going to make their life better! I want to create a team, build a business and get my body where I have always wanted it!

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?
First, I believe that being knowledgeable about what you are putting into your body and why is so helpful in making it a priority on a daily basis. Understanding how much you are truly nourishing yourself and in a pretty convenient manner I might add. Drink your water! Do the deep cleanses and know that if you need support there are people out there that will give it to you! The cleansing aspect feels like such a reset button to me. It has really helped me identify when I am hungry and need to eat or when I just feel like mindlessly munching. I start my day with Ionix, then an Isalean shake, a high protein snack, a 600 calorie meal (sometimes I break this into two 300 calorie meals), another snack, then an Isalean Pro shake for dinner. I try and have protein at each meal/snack. What is so great is that if I have an off day? If I eat way too much, or blow it and eat pizza and cake. There is always tomorrow and I can start all over again. This has helped me immensely. I have had plenty of off days, and that’s life. As long as I keep at this I know I will get to where I want to, and hopefully help others to do the same.

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