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Busy Mom Loses Skepticism; Drops From Size 13 to Size 6


I recently had the opportunity to interview Michelle M. a busy

mother, as she opened up about her weight loss success.

1. Why did you get start this nutrition plan?
I started the program mid January of 2014, even though Jenny and Aaron R. started asking me if I would be interested in this weight loss and nutritional cleansing program back in September of 2013. It took me several months to decide if this was for me and all I can say now is why didn’t I start sooner when I had the chance? I started with just 4 canisters as I was skeptical about the cleansing process, well after my first month any the amazing results I saw with just the IsaLean shakes I knew I had to get the thirty day system!!!

2. What was life like for you before starting the program?
I was an overweight wife and mother of two amazing children… I work so hard at making my family happy, but deep down, I knew I wasn’t happy with myself. I needed to do something to help change my unhealthy lifestyle and become a better, healthier me.

3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
I have now been using the program for four months and I have lost 26 lbs total and tons of inches! I started at a size 13 now wear a size 6. I never thought I would ever see a size 6 again in my life. I cried in the dressing room as I tried on that dress/shorts on for my summer wear this year! My life has changed dramatically by choosing to add this program into my life and my whole family loves it too!

4. What are your favorite products? Why?
My favorite products has to be the Ionix Supreme – simply for the natural energy, mental clarity and “I can” attitude I feel after drinking it.

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?
My ultimate goal is to have full financial freedom with this company and to share my results with the world.

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?
This program is something you incorporate into your life, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Each morning I wake up have my Ionix, get my kids up and ready for school, have my IsaLean pro shake, chocolate is so creamy an delicious! I head off to work as my husband gets the kids off to school. Around two hours later I’m usually looking for a mid morning snack although I’m normally not hungry for the snack because the shakes are very filling but I want to ensure I’m fueling my body throughout the day. Along w my busy day at work I enjoy an IsaLean pro shake for lunch because let’s face it most of the time in working through lunch, a high protein IsaLean pro shake is perfect easy to make right at my desk and it’s a no mess lunch clean up!! I then have to my mid afternoon snack just a few hours later and at that point I’m almost heading home from work to pick up the kids from their schools and home to make dinner, do laundry and any clean the house!! I choose to enjoy my second shake at lunch time so I am able to have a sit down healthy family meal with my husband and kids every night. Each night I remind myself while sitting at the table eating w my family on why I joined the company… To finally so something for myself, to get healthy for not only myself but for my family.

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