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C&C’s Newest 100 Pound Club Member, Rose

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Rose Merlino, who has now lost 103 pounds, and is the Cougars & Cowboys Team’s newest 100-Pound Club member! She had tried several diets in the past, but nothing clicked for her until she found this program. What started with a goal to be able to dance at her son’s wedding ended up in a new lifestyle for Rose. p.s. Happy Birthday, Rose!


Rose has lost 103 pounds and is Cougars & Cowboy’s newest 100-Pound Club Member.

“I first learned about the program last February (’14) while scrolling my Facebook newsfeed,” shares Rose. “I came across a post from a former boss who had just embarked on a new healthy lifestyle for her and her husband. She asked if anyone was interested in joining them. Since my son was getting married that November (’14) and I tried so many ways to get healthy and failed I thought it was worth the gamble to see if this could help me. So I signed up with the Pacesetter pack with IsaLeanPRO, following the suggestion from my coach Adam Becker.  My goal was to get healthy enough to dance with my son at his wedding. Once I accomplished that, my new goal is to stay healthy so I can enjoy future grand children.”

Rose went on to lose 103 pounds  and 73 inches between February ’14 and February ’15, and she jokes that was her Valentine’s gift! “I now have energy and find it so much easier to do things. At 251 pounds I was finding it hard to just bend over now at 148 I can bend without any trouble,” Rose shared.

“My regular day starts with drinking 16 oz of water then my wonderful shot of Ionix. After my shower I make my shake usually half chocolate half vanilla or my new favorite half strawberry and half chocolate taste like chocolate cover strawberries! Then I take my accelerator,ageless essentials with product B am with another 16 oz of water then off to work I go.About 2 hours I have my snack t-chai tea with a hard boil egg plus two egg whites or one slim cake or greek yogurt or half a meal bar or whey thins this program gives us many choices I can go on and on.Then 2 hours after snack I have the second shake.My last snack I have at home after I do a workout which can be a walking DVD which I always loved or a run on the treadmill.My meal consist of fish or chicken,veggies and salad.Lately I have found a few recipes using cauliflower that are pretty good. I really don’t know what’s ahead for me only that I will keep on this lifestyle cause I truly believe it saved my life!”

Rose has lost 103 pounds and is Cougars & Cowboy's newest 100-Pound Club Member.

Rose has lost 103 pounds and is Cougars & Cowboy’s newest 100-Pound Club Member.


Rose rocking the dress she wore for her son’s wedding after losing 100 pounds.


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