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Laurie B. Has More Energy in her 40’s than she did in her 20’s & 30’s!

Below, Laurie Blackier shares her nutritional cleansing weight loss journey as part of the Cougars & Cowboys Team.

by Laurie B.

Where to begin?

I had my beautiful baby girl at 16.  Married her amazing dad at 20. Made the awesome decision to expand our family at 21, and my handsome baby boy was born.  That was a whirlwind 5 years. And it took its toll on my body.  I was young and truly thought all the weight would just “come off” as easy as it came on. Um, well NOPE! It stayed.  Life was busy. Learning to be a mom, maintaining a house, plus my kids were in every sport and activity offered in this small town.  Anything to keep them busy. At the same time, it kept us busy and looking after myself was relegated to the back burner once again.

In between all the running, we ate for convenience. McDonalds, grabbing coffee and snacks at gas station stores all became the norm.  It didn’t help I had resumed smoking as well.  Things began piling up on me, both physically and emotionally. I was TIRED!  If I could grab a nap, I would take that chance anytime.  I never wanted to get up in the morning and drug myself to work and activities.  I tried all the diet tricks and fixes: Weight Watchers, ephedrine pills, restricted diets  etc.  They all worked, kinda, for a bit.  Then I would slip right back into bad habits.

7 years ago I quit smoking.  I started walking, eating better and I actually lost weight my first year. But my energy levels never came up. I slid off once again.  The weight crept back up. I got discouraged. I said “what the hell!  Ill do what I want as nothing is working anyways”

nutritional cleansing success story

Laurie B. is yet another success story on the Cougars & Cowboys team.

Last year, the year I turned 40!! I had noticed a friend on Facebook mentioning a nutritional cleansing program.  I of course looked at it, decided it was a fad thing and forgot about it.   I started back to work from my summer vacation, and noticed that I barely could stay awake when I returned home from work. I had no motivation or desire to do anything but nap. It was making my increasingly agitated and frustrated.   I once again noticed the Isagenix testimonials showing up on my newsfeed.  This time I reached out to Cari Carter and asked for more info. I was very very skeptical.  I talked myself into and out of it for 3 months . Then finally, I made the decision that I needed to started taking charge of my health and this may just be the way to do it.

That was almost 5 months, 18 pounds, and a zillion inches ago.  I am a different person. It is so hard to explain where this journey has brought me and I’m not done yet.  I have an amazing energy, and zest for life that I never thought possible. My 20’s and 30’s will have nothing on my 40’s.   People constantly remark on my results and I am happy to share. They say “but do you have to do it FOREVER”?  And I’m like “why not??!?”  I am looking after myself and making so many lifestyle changes. This program has changed my for the better, inside AND out.  Both areas that count immensely. It has also afforded my a financial independence that I wasn’t even thinking about when this started.  That part kind of fell into my lap.  There are some amazing people on my team and I am so very proud of their successes as well.  Sharing your success and seeing others fulfill their dreams makes me so very happy.  Here’s to a healthy and successful future!

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