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Maintenance is the True Measure of Weight Loss Success

Pictured (l-r): Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson.

Pictured (l-r): Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson.

The true pinnacle of weight loss success is often not in the “weight loss” itself – it’s in MAINTAINING that loss and adopting a new lifestyle. At Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC, we pride ourselves in helping our team members achieve long-term weight loss results. But as much as any weight loss coach wants to see their clients lose and maintain their weight loss, it usually boils down to the mental strength and resolve of the client wanting the change for themselves. With that, we are honored to highlight two team members, both inducted into the Isagenix 100-Pound Club in 2015, and who have not only kept all the weight off, but who continue to make progress in the gym on a daily basis. Team members Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson are shining stars and have inspired so many to start their own journey to better health. Bobby lost 127 pounds and Chad lost 175 pounds. Both were kind enough to share their tips for maintaining their tremendous weight loss while still being able to “enjoy their life”.

The above video features Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson being recognized on stage for their weight loss transformation in San Diego at Isagenix’s Annual Celebration event. 

Featuring Bobby Stiles:

Q: Why did you start Isagenix?

Bobby's Before Photo

Bobby Stiles Before

I was 3 months out from my wedding and I had failed at past “diets”. I was 302 pounds. I was tired of being tired, and tired of looking the way I did and feeling the way I did.  In my head, I feared the only way to ever not be a “fat-guy” was something drastic like surgery or trade the prison sentence of being fat for the prison sentence of never living my life nor enjoying myself anymore.  I had talked with Adam Becker about the program but it took MONTHS for me to take the leap and say yes. My biggest regret was not starting sooner.

Q: Can you share a little bit more about your transformation to date (results, etc.)?

In the 3 months leading up to the wedding I lost about 40 lbs.  After we got back from the honeymoon I kinda strayed from the program a little, I’d have a shake for breakfast but most days I would get a big sub, chips and a soda for lunch and a full dinner as well, but strangely I wasn’t really gaining much of the weight back.   It wasn’t until a friend made me look at it a different way that I realized what a gift I had and how amazing it could be if I took it seriously again.  So I re-committed about 2 years ago and went on to lose 80 lbs for an official total of 118 pounds.  Ironically, I never really set out to lose 118 lbs…I never truly believed it was possible for me to ever be 185lbs. I just constantly set goals of losing 10 lbs…sometimes it took me 2 weeks to do it other times it took me 2 months… but I just kept working towards that goal and repeated.

Q: What has changed for you since losing the weight/transforming your lifestyle?

Bobby Stiles Today

Bobby Stiles Today

Obviously, my overall health has improved.  Along with that I feel great and my self confidence is much higher as well.  But for me the most important thing is that I’m able to achieve ALL those things while STILL LIVING AND ENJOYING MY LIFE.  Yes, It’s a commitment.  Yes, I make healthier choices. But it’s surprisingly easy.  I try to follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time I eat healthy and follow the program.  But the rest of the 20% I have fun.  I enjoy dinners out, BBQ’s and beer.  Diet’s Fail…Lifestyle changes are sustainable.  I keep the “Life” in my Healthy Lifestyle.  I NEVER call this a “Diet”.

Q: For so many, keeping the weight off is harder than losing it in the first place. What has been different with this program / your mindset, etc. that has allowed you to keep the weight off and continue to make progress athletically?

That’s the beauty of this system!  I allow the program to do all the hard work for me!  I still have 2 shakes a day (cause they are awesome!) and I still do deep cleanses (because they are WAY worth it!).  I typically float between 184-190 lbs.  I weight myself daily but have learned to not get worried about the highs and lows, I only focus on the big picture.  When I feel myself getting too far from where I want to be either in weight, food that I’m eating or how I feel, I kick myself back into line.  I run through a couple weeks more of a strict schedule (like a strict 9 day protocol with 2 cycles of cleansing) and have less cheats and I get right back on track. I also work out pretty extensively which does help provide a bigger buffer to keeping on track in addition to the health benefits of being in better shape and more fit.  But you can’t outrun your fork.  Nutrition is paramount.

Q: What’s ahead?

Just keep on keeping on.  I enjoy gaining strength and muscle and will try to make improvements in those areas but I’m pretty much in maintenance mode currently and not focusing on losing much anymore.  Just continue to follow the ISA-Lifestyle!

Featuring Chad Nickerson

Chad gives us a glimpse of his life after losing 100+ pounds below…

Chad Nickerson

Cougars & Cowboys Team Member Chad Nickerson loses 175 pounds, reclaims his life, inspires thousands…

I started Isagenix 2 years ago because I was extremely overweight, had no energy, couldn’t sleep and felt lost because I couldn’t help my family. The struggles of being overweight are real. You always think people are staring at you like what is wrong with you and you have no confidence in yourself and you get depressed don’t know what you are going to do.

When I started using the products I was scared but I needed to do something and realized this is easy and in the first month had lost 50 lbs and felt amazing with all kinds of energy and a hunger for life. By 3 months I reach the 100 lb club but I wasn’t done. I joined the local gym at 7 months into it and had lost 140 lbs but the exercise did for me was fix my posture and confidence because I didn’t care if people were laughing at me anymore. At 10 months I had reached 205 lbs and was so happy. A total of 175 lbs I had completely changed how I looked and people didn’t even know who I was. So that was the transformation but what comes next?

Chad Nickerson Featured in MagazineMaintaining!!!! This was and still is hard for me just being real. I am not superman, I’m not perfect, I’m just a regular guy who wanted to be around for my family. I have gained some back but I have also gained in muscle and strength. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I will continue to get stronger and leaner. I am on my 5 Isabody challenge because that is a burning desire of mine. I have kept setting new goals all the time because if I am not I will never push myself to reach my potential. I have bad days but I have way more goods days to keep that smile on my face. Life gets in the way for me too but replacing bad habits with good habits will make bad days good.  Our minds will quit 10x faster than our body so fix your mindset and the rest will come natural.

My future goals are to finish what I started and get my weight under 200 and get my body fat% to 12%. I love Isagenix for the simple fact that I can fall off course but I am able to straighten out and refocus on weight loss. I’m so grateful for all of the support and great products put in front of me.

30-Day Transformation Challenge Winners Announced

Summertime fun – with vacations, parties, etc. – can be a tough time to stick to a weight loss/fitness routine. Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC recently hosted a 30-Day Transformation Challenge with participants focused on achieving results in three areas: weight loss, energy and performance and healthy aging.  The challenge ran for the month of August, and winners were just announced. We are excited to share their 30-day results below. Our next challenge is slated for late September, 2016. Please Contact Us for full details.


First Place: Paul Wainwright
Paul’s goals were simple when he started this challenge. He wanted to burn more fat and WIN this challenge! Prior to starting this challenge Paul had dropped 40 LBS. This challenge was perfect for him because he was ready to take his health to another level. He reached out to the team for ideas and as always the team came through for him. He was coming into this challenge where he felt he was in a plateau that had lasted about 5 weeks. He made it a priority to do at home workouts. Sometimes working out at 11 PM because he wanted it. He started using the Bedtime Belly Buster and made sure he was getting enough protein every shake day. He also started to incorporate Amped NOx in his daily routine for his workouts. He dropped 13 LBS and regardless if he won the challenge or not he knew he had won with improved health. Thank You Paul, you are an inspiration to all of us!!

Paul Wainwright was named the First Place winner of the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition 30-Day Challenge!

Paul Wainwright was named the First Place winner of the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition 30-Day Challenge!


Second Place: Naomi Steiner

Naomi’s Goals coming into the 30 day challenge were to lean out especially in her tummy, arms and back. Do 2 back to back cleanse days, track food intake, drop 8 LBS and cut back to two alcoholic beverages per week. Naomi dropped 5 LBS, but more importantly she leaned out where she wanted to. She met her goals with only 2 drinks per week of alcohol. She knows that she can still see progress with doing things in moderation. For the future she wants to lean out more in the triceps and thighs and wants to see a 6 pack!! Thank you Naomi for continuing to be an inspiration to all of us!

Naomi Steiner won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Naomi Steiner won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.


Third Place: Marian Bauer
Her goals were to get back to basics, go to the gym one more day per week and work on her speed. She stated she is sick of people getting past her while playing soccer and tripping them is illegal LOL! During the challenge she got back to cleansing and following the program better. She did add that extra day at the gym and is preparing to do the Zombie 5K with her husband and two daughters. She also started to do some running drills in her backyard!! Feel free to add anything that I missed Marian. You have been and are a true inspiration to everyone! PS check out her shoes 🙂

Marian Bauer won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Marian Bauer won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

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