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Busy Bride-to-Be Drops 4 Pant Sizes with Isagenix; Becomes Personal Trainer

Team Member Elizabeth Marmion recently shared her Isagenix journey with the Cougars & Cowboys Team Blog.

img_75221. Why did you get start Isagenix?

It was right after Christmas 2014, when I was talking to my sister Chris Belin. I was getting ready for a friend’s wedding in St. Thomas in a few months and I could barely put on jeans I was so uncomfortable with my weight gain, I couldn’t imagine putting on a bathing suit. She suggested I try the program she and Mike had started a few month before. Mike had great success losing weight with the program and Chris approved of its health benefits. I trusted my sister so much, and was desperate to lose the weight, I jumped right in and signed up for the 30 day System.

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

I moved to the New York City area in August 2013. I was newly in love and enjoying meeting new people, going out to dinner parties, and drinking amazing wine! The problem was that I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years prior and all the rich foods and wine was having a terrible reaction in my gut. I was having more problems that ever before. Just about 6 months before I joined Isagenix my doctor put me on an intense round of medication in order to relieve the inflammation in my intestines and warned me that steroids would be next. I had gained almost 30 pounds in the first year I lived in NYC. I felt frustrated with what I thought I was supposed to eat for my disease, and what I wanted to eat and drink to enjoy myself and have fun with new friends and family. My digestive pain made me exhausted and frustrated all day everyday. I didn’t understand food and nutrition enough to eat in order to strengthen and heal my body. Instead I was hurting myself more everyday.

cougars-cowboys-elizabeth-marmion3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?

When I started the program I had no intention that I would ever make a dent in my stomach problems. I wanted to lose weight. The first month I followed the program very strictly. I drank two shakes a day with small snacks between. I always had a well balanced dinner and cut out soda, coffee, and sweet iced teas. I followed 4 deep cleanse days that month and within the first two weeks I had already felt an increase in energy, and had began to see weight loss. By the time I went to that wedding in April., I had lost 15 pounds and felt incredible. I had been able to put on some of my old jeans without squeezing and feeling uncomfortable. Best news? My stomach problems were getting better and better. I was having less pain and discomfort everyday. I was able to acknowledge that I had a gluten intolerance that helped to ease a lot of my digestive upset.

before-afterFast forward 6 months and I was in a new house in Long Island, and ready to kick up my weight loss efforts again and began using the incredible energy I had to begin exercising. I lost another 15 pounds and was starting to feel more and more incredible. Even my new smaller clothes were getting loose. I had dropped 4 pant sizes!! I had so much energy, and felt like a brand new person.

This past spring I achieved a goal I would have never imagined possible. I earned my certification as a personal trainer and began training at a facility near my house. I have become so incredible passionate and interested in the way that we feed and move our bodies can make us lean, healthy, and strong! I feel incredibly fortunate that I am able to share my knowledge and experience with others, but none of it would be possible without Isagenix. Saying yes in December 2014, I didn’t really know what I was getting involved in but it has changed my whole life.

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

Oh gosh… the list is endless.

1. Isalean Pro, French vanilla. I drink this twice a day. I now eat 5 meals a day, and I cant imagine having to buy, cook, and carry two extra meals everyday. This shake has amazing macro nutrients and is tasty, easy and convenient!

2. E shots. My fiancé jokes that they are my drug of choice. I am hooked, drinking at least one a day, sometimes two. The energy and mental clarity I get from drinking the easy quick shot is incredible. I am planning to have them on hand wedding day!!

3. Brain Boost. This is exactly what it sounds like, you need a boost for your brain? I did, I do everyday. AH-MAZING !!

4. Cleanse for Life. Never have your home without this product. I absolutely love CFL. It is my reset button, my miracle juice that helps keep me on track and keep my system clean and clear!

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn about health and fitness; building my Isagenix business and my business as a Personal Trainer. I am excited to continue building and maintaining a strong body.

img_85326. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

My best tip for success is to find a way to continue motivating yourself. It’s really easy to get motivated, its really hard to stay in that space. You have days where you fall down, where you allow yourself a cheat day or meal, or skip a workout. The key is finding a way to stand right back up and get right back to eating clean, and doing your best to live a strong balanced lifestyle.

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