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Naomi Finds Sustainable Weight Loss System, Reclaims Health

We recently had the opportunity to interview Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member, Naomi S. who dropped from a size 18 to a size 8 using the Isagenix system, saying good-bye to fad diets. 

1. Why did you get start the Isagenix system?

I have struggled with my weight since my early twenties.. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 16 and it has been a consistent uphill battle to fight the weight gain and mood swings that accompany this disease. I was very active in team sports as a teenager and around 18, I began to pull away from the sports world and got swallowed up into the clubbing scene. I began drinking, smoking and going out several nights a week and this was the beginning of multiple years of not taking the best care of myself. I started to really gain weight around 25 and dabbled here in there in going to the gym and trying fad diets (Atkins, low carb, low fat) and was back and fourth to weight watchers multiple times. I would always loose weight and gain it right back within the next year because I never learned habits. I was always thinking what is the next quick fix? I saw my best friend loose her baby weight on the program and was very skeptical of drinking shakes as a method of loosing weight. I thought I would always be starving and unsatisfied. My friend Cari kept asking me to try the program and after three months she shipped me some shakes. I started just by doing one a day and saw results. I continued one shake a day before I ordered my first 30 day pack, 2 months later and now I have been a product user for almost 2 years. The month before I started on my 30 day, my sister was disguised with severe thyroid cancer and this was a big wake up call for me to get my health back.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

A little about myself, I am an Occupational Therapist in a rehab facility and I have the privilege to change the course and quality of peoples lives daily. I live on my own in Vancouver and I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, love to dance, go to the gym/yoga and have an immense passion for travel, learning other languages and for fashion.

Before Isagenix I was not comfortable in my own skin. I would often hide in baggy clothes, which in retrospect made me look larger. When I went to shop for clothes, nothing ever fit and I would often find myself crying in the store. I made poor relationship choices and stayed in unhealthy relationships because I lacked self worth and confidence and believed I couldn’t attract anyone better.. In addition, I was always tired and drank multiple coffees a day combined with a nap after work daily. On a weekly basis, I was asked three to four times by co-workers, strangers and relatives if I was expecting.

3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
I started taking the products full time 2 years ago. In total, I lost 65 pounds and multiple inches. I have gone from a size 18 to an 8. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin and can finally look myself in the mirror naked and smile back at what I see. I stopped taking naps after work and have newfound energy that has allowed me to consistently workout 4/5 days a week. I also socialize more on the weekends and wake up often before my alarm clock goes off in the am. (big thing for a non morning person)  I felt confident that my outer body now matches my inner self. I am healthier then I have been in years and sleep like a baby.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

love taking the amped products (amped power, recover, hydrate ), as they give me an extra boost of energy and stamina and help me push to the next level in my workout sessions. I also love taking ionix and I take it twice a day. I find it helps stabilize my mood and energy levels throughout the day. I adore anything chocolate and I find the Chocolate Isalean Pro very filling and satisfying and the carbs are less then the Isalean shakes and the protein levels are higher . This  helps me manage my PCOS symptoms  better and the higher protein content also assists with muscle building. The last product I use regularly is the greens, as they help me be more regular and pack a punch in the vitamin and mineral department and they taste yummy mixed with the vanilla shake.

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

I am close to being in maintenance mode with taking the products. I would like to lean out more and loose about another 8 pounds. My goal is to be in a size 7/8 in all clothing brands and to be strong and fit. I want to build more arm and back muscles plus carve out some abs. In addition, I want to learn more about how to successfully manage my daily macronutrient intake . I  have signed up for a nutrition course to gain this knowledge that starts in the month of November. I have shared this opportunity with others and hope to build a larger team in the future, because sharing these products is caring.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

I believe to be successful in this program you need to have a healthy mindset. You need to set goals , take photos and review both at the end of each month. This way you can make changes for the upcoming month based on what worked or didn’t work in the past month. Other tips to be successful are :  rely on your coach for assistance,. always have a water bottle with you, aways have high protein snacks in your purse, eat something small before going out to a festive meal, if drinking have one drink and then a glass of water before have another drink, track your food intake on MyFitnessPal and make sure you are eating enough and every 3 hours or so, if you exercise make sure you are doing strength training at least twice a week (fat buster) and attempt 2 day cleanses , if you can.

A typical day for me would be shake for breakfast with ionix, snack at 10 am (say egg frittata), lunch (chili),  snack at 230pm (mini meatballs) and then small meal about 530pm ( fish and veggies and brown rice) ,  (amped products)  followed by workout around 7 , followed by another shake (recover) and sometimes BBB before bed.  I do consume 1800 calories per day because of my level of activity and performance goals.

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