30-Day Challenge Winner Laurie B.

Congratulations to Laurie Blackier, the winner of our most recent Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition LLC. 30-Day Challenge!

Cougars & Cowboys 30-Day Challenge Winner Laurie B.

Congratulations to Laurie B. – voted the winner of our Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC’s most recent 30-Day Challenge!

Laurie shared this message: “I think everyone should do pictures. As uncomfortable as it is, the camera helps so much to see progress. My progress wasn’t huge. And I had many detours during this challenge but I do see a difference! I released 4lbs. I didn’t measure myself but clothes are fitting so much better. I was committing to cleansing once a week and attending exercise classes twice a week. The weather screwed up my classes but I’ve been pretty faithful to my cleansing (thanks to hubby for accountability) and hitting the treadmill. Thanks to Katie, Adam and all Cougars & Cowboys team members as the group page keeps me on track. Even if it’s just checking in, I feel ready for my upcoming vacation!”

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