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30-Day Challenge Winner Laurie B.

Congratulations to Laurie Blackier, the winner of our most recent Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition LLC. 30-Day Challenge!

Cougars & Cowboys 30-Day Challenge Winner Laurie B.

Congratulations to Laurie B. – voted the winner of our Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC’s most recent 30-Day Challenge!

Laurie shared this message: “I think everyone should do pictures. As uncomfortable as it is, the camera helps so much to see progress. My progress wasn’t huge. And I had many detours during this challenge but I do see a difference! I released 4lbs. I didn’t measure myself but clothes are fitting so much better. I was committing to cleansing once a week and attending exercise classes twice a week. The weather screwed up my classes but I’ve been pretty faithful to my cleansing (thanks to hubby for accountability) and hitting the treadmill. Thanks to Katie, Adam and all Cougars & Cowboys team members as the group page keeps me on track. Even if it’s just checking in, I feel ready for my upcoming vacation!”

The Cougars & Cowboys Team recently started a 28-Day Challenge using DietBet. The primary focus is for those looking to “kick-start” their weight loss journey. Cost is $10 to enter, and the pot is split among everyone who hits their goal (which is the same for everyone – to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days). Last day to enter is April 30, 2017. REGISTER FOR THE DIETBET CHALLENGE TODAY!

Busy Mom Drops 50 Pounds; Reclaims ENERGY, Maintains Loss with Simple System

Cougars & Cowboys Isagenix Team Member Crystal Elin recently shared her Isagenx Success Story as a busy Mom to two energetic kids. Read on to hear her tips for success, maintenance protocol and what made the difference in achieving sustainable weight loss. Thank you for sharing your journey, Crystal.

“I started struggling with my weight when I got out of the Army and transitioned from Wildland Firefighting with the Forest Service to a desk job requiring a lot of travel and a lot of meals on the road. Before I knew it I had gained 50 lbs. I lost 20 of those pounds for my wedding in 2011 and next thing you know it was 2015! I was a stay at home mom with a 3.5 and 1.5 year old, low on time, energy and patience. I saw my Army friend Tina Kantorowicz posting about nutritional cleansing on Facebook and it caught my interest. I was struggling with the leftover weight from both pregnancies so I decided I had nothing but weight to lose and began with the 30 Day System. It took less than a week from hearing about Isagenix to make the move.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Crystal Elin is a busy Mom who followed Isagenix to release 50 pounds, reclaim energy and finally have a way to easily maintain her weight loss.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Crystal Elin is a busy Mom who followed Isagenix to release 50 pounds, reclaim energy and finally have a way to easily maintain her weight loss.

I am a stay at home mom and I am lucky enough to get to spend my days with my 4.5 year old daughter and my 2.5 year old son. Before I was introduced to Isagenix my eating habits were pretty unpredictable. For a while I would be great about watching what and how much I ate and then I’d find myself skipping a meal, cleaning off my kids plates/snacks and eating a lot of junk throughout the day or on the go. Isagenix has made it much easier to make better food choices which not only helped me lose weight but has assisted with my energy and performance levels.

I’m much more active than I was before using Isagenix. I’ve completed three half marathons this year which is something I never thought I would do. I think that by improving my nutrition and enrolling in challenges I hold myself more accountable to my set goals and have met or exceeded every one of them. I’m a runner now, and that’s not something that I thought I would ever say.

My favorite products would definitely be the IsaLean Shakes and IsaLean Bars. They make meal planning so easy and I really enjoy how they taste. I also think that the Amped Power is simply delicious and I don’t know how I would have made it through my half marathons or all of the training involved in preparing for them without my trusty Amped NOx, Fuel, Hydrate and E-Shots.

Goal-wise I’d like to keep up running. I enjoy running and the accomplishment I feel after meeting my goals. My husband and I have already signed up for a 15k in February and two more half marathons next spring. I have recently shared this opportunity with my niece who is serving in the Navy and we are both really excited for her to begin her Isagenix journey.

I made the system work for me. I don’t have a perfect diet. I enjoy all kinds of food and not all of them align with my training or dietary plans. I stopped stressing out so much about the numbers that I saw on the scale and began concentrating more on how I felt, how much energy I had and how far I was able to push myself physically. I drink my Ionix first thing in the morning as a warm tea and I keep a pitcher of chilled Isagenix brewed coffee in my fridge and use that to mix my chocolate shake every morning. I’m usually drinking my ‘tea’ while I prepare breakfast for the kids and by the time they’re eating I make my shake and drink it while I get ready for the day. I’ll have a morning and afternoon snack with a shake or IsaLean Bar in between and have dinner with my family. On gym days I’ll drink Amped Power 15-30 minutes before my workout, and depending on where I am on my training schedule, I’ll include E Shots or Amped NOx. After my run I’ll drink my Amped Hydrate and/or IsaPro shake.”

To start your own weight loss journey, please contact us via email at or phone at (585) 687-8131.

Naomi Finds Sustainable Weight Loss System, Reclaims Health

We recently had the opportunity to interview Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member, Naomi S. who dropped from a size 18 to a size 8 using the Isagenix system, saying good-bye to fad diets. 

1. Why did you get start the Isagenix system?

I have struggled with my weight since my early twenties.. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 16 and it has been a consistent uphill battle to fight the weight gain and mood swings that accompany this disease. I was very active in team sports as a teenager and around 18, I began to pull away from the sports world and got swallowed up into the clubbing scene. I began drinking, smoking and going out several nights a week and this was the beginning of multiple years of not taking the best care of myself. I started to really gain weight around 25 and dabbled here in there in going to the gym and trying fad diets (Atkins, low carb, low fat) and was back and fourth to weight watchers multiple times. I would always loose weight and gain it right back within the next year because I never learned habits. I was always thinking what is the next quick fix? I saw my best friend loose her baby weight on the program and was very skeptical of drinking shakes as a method of loosing weight. I thought I would always be starving and unsatisfied. My friend Cari kept asking me to try the program and after three months she shipped me some shakes. I started just by doing one a day and saw results. I continued one shake a day before I ordered my first 30 day pack, 2 months later and now I have been a product user for almost 2 years. The month before I started on my 30 day, my sister was disguised with severe thyroid cancer and this was a big wake up call for me to get my health back.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

A little about myself, I am an Occupational Therapist in a rehab facility and I have the privilege to change the course and quality of peoples lives daily. I live on my own in Vancouver and I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, love to dance, go to the gym/yoga and have an immense passion for travel, learning other languages and for fashion.

Before Isagenix I was not comfortable in my own skin. I would often hide in baggy clothes, which in retrospect made me look larger. When I went to shop for clothes, nothing ever fit and I would often find myself crying in the store. I made poor relationship choices and stayed in unhealthy relationships because I lacked self worth and confidence and believed I couldn’t attract anyone better.. In addition, I was always tired and drank multiple coffees a day combined with a nap after work daily. On a weekly basis, I was asked three to four times by co-workers, strangers and relatives if I was expecting.

3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
I started taking the products full time 2 years ago. In total, I lost 65 pounds and multiple inches. I have gone from a size 18 to an 8. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin and can finally look myself in the mirror naked and smile back at what I see. I stopped taking naps after work and have newfound energy that has allowed me to consistently workout 4/5 days a week. I also socialize more on the weekends and wake up often before my alarm clock goes off in the am. (big thing for a non morning person)  I felt confident that my outer body now matches my inner self. I am healthier then I have been in years and sleep like a baby.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

love taking the amped products (amped power, recover, hydrate ), as they give me an extra boost of energy and stamina and help me push to the next level in my workout sessions. I also love taking ionix and I take it twice a day. I find it helps stabilize my mood and energy levels throughout the day. I adore anything chocolate and I find the Chocolate Isalean Pro very filling and satisfying and the carbs are less then the Isalean shakes and the protein levels are higher . This  helps me manage my PCOS symptoms  better and the higher protein content also assists with muscle building. The last product I use regularly is the greens, as they help me be more regular and pack a punch in the vitamin and mineral department and they taste yummy mixed with the vanilla shake.

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

I am close to being in maintenance mode with taking the products. I would like to lean out more and loose about another 8 pounds. My goal is to be in a size 7/8 in all clothing brands and to be strong and fit. I want to build more arm and back muscles plus carve out some abs. In addition, I want to learn more about how to successfully manage my daily macronutrient intake . I  have signed up for a nutrition course to gain this knowledge that starts in the month of November. I have shared this opportunity with others and hope to build a larger team in the future, because sharing these products is caring.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition team member Naomi S. shares her jaw-dropping transformation and tips for success.

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

I believe to be successful in this program you need to have a healthy mindset. You need to set goals , take photos and review both at the end of each month. This way you can make changes for the upcoming month based on what worked or didn’t work in the past month. Other tips to be successful are :  rely on your coach for assistance,. always have a water bottle with you, aways have high protein snacks in your purse, eat something small before going out to a festive meal, if drinking have one drink and then a glass of water before have another drink, track your food intake on MyFitnessPal and make sure you are eating enough and every 3 hours or so, if you exercise make sure you are doing strength training at least twice a week (fat buster) and attempt 2 day cleanses , if you can.

A typical day for me would be shake for breakfast with ionix, snack at 10 am (say egg frittata), lunch (chili),  snack at 230pm (mini meatballs) and then small meal about 530pm ( fish and veggies and brown rice) ,  (amped products)  followed by workout around 7 , followed by another shake (recover) and sometimes BBB before bed.  I do consume 1800 calories per day because of my level of activity and performance goals.

Busy Bride-to-Be Drops 4 Pant Sizes with Isagenix; Becomes Personal Trainer

Team Member Elizabeth Marmion recently shared her Isagenix journey with the Cougars & Cowboys Team Blog.

img_75221. Why did you get start Isagenix?

It was right after Christmas 2014, when I was talking to my sister Chris Belin. I was getting ready for a friend’s wedding in St. Thomas in a few months and I could barely put on jeans I was so uncomfortable with my weight gain, I couldn’t imagine putting on a bathing suit. She suggested I try the program she and Mike had started a few month before. Mike had great success losing weight with the program and Chris approved of its health benefits. I trusted my sister so much, and was desperate to lose the weight, I jumped right in and signed up for the 30 day System.

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

I moved to the New York City area in August 2013. I was newly in love and enjoying meeting new people, going out to dinner parties, and drinking amazing wine! The problem was that I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years prior and all the rich foods and wine was having a terrible reaction in my gut. I was having more problems that ever before. Just about 6 months before I joined Isagenix my doctor put me on an intense round of medication in order to relieve the inflammation in my intestines and warned me that steroids would be next. I had gained almost 30 pounds in the first year I lived in NYC. I felt frustrated with what I thought I was supposed to eat for my disease, and what I wanted to eat and drink to enjoy myself and have fun with new friends and family. My digestive pain made me exhausted and frustrated all day everyday. I didn’t understand food and nutrition enough to eat in order to strengthen and heal my body. Instead I was hurting myself more everyday.

cougars-cowboys-elizabeth-marmion3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?

When I started the program I had no intention that I would ever make a dent in my stomach problems. I wanted to lose weight. The first month I followed the program very strictly. I drank two shakes a day with small snacks between. I always had a well balanced dinner and cut out soda, coffee, and sweet iced teas. I followed 4 deep cleanse days that month and within the first two weeks I had already felt an increase in energy, and had began to see weight loss. By the time I went to that wedding in April., I had lost 15 pounds and felt incredible. I had been able to put on some of my old jeans without squeezing and feeling uncomfortable. Best news? My stomach problems were getting better and better. I was having less pain and discomfort everyday. I was able to acknowledge that I had a gluten intolerance that helped to ease a lot of my digestive upset.

before-afterFast forward 6 months and I was in a new house in Long Island, and ready to kick up my weight loss efforts again and began using the incredible energy I had to begin exercising. I lost another 15 pounds and was starting to feel more and more incredible. Even my new smaller clothes were getting loose. I had dropped 4 pant sizes!! I had so much energy, and felt like a brand new person.

This past spring I achieved a goal I would have never imagined possible. I earned my certification as a personal trainer and began training at a facility near my house. I have become so incredible passionate and interested in the way that we feed and move our bodies can make us lean, healthy, and strong! I feel incredibly fortunate that I am able to share my knowledge and experience with others, but none of it would be possible without Isagenix. Saying yes in December 2014, I didn’t really know what I was getting involved in but it has changed my whole life.

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

Oh gosh… the list is endless.

1. Isalean Pro, French vanilla. I drink this twice a day. I now eat 5 meals a day, and I cant imagine having to buy, cook, and carry two extra meals everyday. This shake has amazing macro nutrients and is tasty, easy and convenient!

2. E shots. My fiancé jokes that they are my drug of choice. I am hooked, drinking at least one a day, sometimes two. The energy and mental clarity I get from drinking the easy quick shot is incredible. I am planning to have them on hand wedding day!!

3. Brain Boost. This is exactly what it sounds like, you need a boost for your brain? I did, I do everyday. AH-MAZING !!

4. Cleanse for Life. Never have your home without this product. I absolutely love CFL. It is my reset button, my miracle juice that helps keep me on track and keep my system clean and clear!

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn about health and fitness; building my Isagenix business and my business as a Personal Trainer. I am excited to continue building and maintaining a strong body.

img_85326. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

My best tip for success is to find a way to continue motivating yourself. It’s really easy to get motivated, its really hard to stay in that space. You have days where you fall down, where you allow yourself a cheat day or meal, or skip a workout. The key is finding a way to stand right back up and get right back to eating clean, and doing your best to live a strong balanced lifestyle.

Maintenance is the True Measure of Weight Loss Success

Pictured (l-r): Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson.

Pictured (l-r): Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson.

The true pinnacle of weight loss success is often not in the “weight loss” itself – it’s in MAINTAINING that loss and adopting a new lifestyle. At Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC, we pride ourselves in helping our team members achieve long-term weight loss results. But as much as any weight loss coach wants to see their clients lose and maintain their weight loss, it usually boils down to the mental strength and resolve of the client wanting the change for themselves. With that, we are honored to highlight two team members, both inducted into the Isagenix 100-Pound Club in 2015, and who have not only kept all the weight off, but who continue to make progress in the gym on a daily basis. Team members Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson are shining stars and have inspired so many to start their own journey to better health. Bobby lost 127 pounds and Chad lost 175 pounds. Both were kind enough to share their tips for maintaining their tremendous weight loss while still being able to “enjoy their life”.

The above video features Bobby Stiles and Chad Nickerson being recognized on stage for their weight loss transformation in San Diego at Isagenix’s Annual Celebration event. 

Featuring Bobby Stiles:

Q: Why did you start Isagenix?

Bobby's Before Photo

Bobby Stiles Before

I was 3 months out from my wedding and I had failed at past “diets”. I was 302 pounds. I was tired of being tired, and tired of looking the way I did and feeling the way I did.  In my head, I feared the only way to ever not be a “fat-guy” was something drastic like surgery or trade the prison sentence of being fat for the prison sentence of never living my life nor enjoying myself anymore.  I had talked with Adam Becker about the program but it took MONTHS for me to take the leap and say yes. My biggest regret was not starting sooner.

Q: Can you share a little bit more about your transformation to date (results, etc.)?

In the 3 months leading up to the wedding I lost about 40 lbs.  After we got back from the honeymoon I kinda strayed from the program a little, I’d have a shake for breakfast but most days I would get a big sub, chips and a soda for lunch and a full dinner as well, but strangely I wasn’t really gaining much of the weight back.   It wasn’t until a friend made me look at it a different way that I realized what a gift I had and how amazing it could be if I took it seriously again.  So I re-committed about 2 years ago and went on to lose 80 lbs for an official total of 118 pounds.  Ironically, I never really set out to lose 118 lbs…I never truly believed it was possible for me to ever be 185lbs. I just constantly set goals of losing 10 lbs…sometimes it took me 2 weeks to do it other times it took me 2 months… but I just kept working towards that goal and repeated.

Q: What has changed for you since losing the weight/transforming your lifestyle?

Bobby Stiles Today

Bobby Stiles Today

Obviously, my overall health has improved.  Along with that I feel great and my self confidence is much higher as well.  But for me the most important thing is that I’m able to achieve ALL those things while STILL LIVING AND ENJOYING MY LIFE.  Yes, It’s a commitment.  Yes, I make healthier choices. But it’s surprisingly easy.  I try to follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time I eat healthy and follow the program.  But the rest of the 20% I have fun.  I enjoy dinners out, BBQ’s and beer.  Diet’s Fail…Lifestyle changes are sustainable.  I keep the “Life” in my Healthy Lifestyle.  I NEVER call this a “Diet”.

Q: For so many, keeping the weight off is harder than losing it in the first place. What has been different with this program / your mindset, etc. that has allowed you to keep the weight off and continue to make progress athletically?

That’s the beauty of this system!  I allow the program to do all the hard work for me!  I still have 2 shakes a day (cause they are awesome!) and I still do deep cleanses (because they are WAY worth it!).  I typically float between 184-190 lbs.  I weight myself daily but have learned to not get worried about the highs and lows, I only focus on the big picture.  When I feel myself getting too far from where I want to be either in weight, food that I’m eating or how I feel, I kick myself back into line.  I run through a couple weeks more of a strict schedule (like a strict 9 day protocol with 2 cycles of cleansing) and have less cheats and I get right back on track. I also work out pretty extensively which does help provide a bigger buffer to keeping on track in addition to the health benefits of being in better shape and more fit.  But you can’t outrun your fork.  Nutrition is paramount.

Q: What’s ahead?

Just keep on keeping on.  I enjoy gaining strength and muscle and will try to make improvements in those areas but I’m pretty much in maintenance mode currently and not focusing on losing much anymore.  Just continue to follow the ISA-Lifestyle!

Featuring Chad Nickerson

Chad gives us a glimpse of his life after losing 100+ pounds below…

Chad Nickerson

Cougars & Cowboys Team Member Chad Nickerson loses 175 pounds, reclaims his life, inspires thousands…

I started Isagenix 2 years ago because I was extremely overweight, had no energy, couldn’t sleep and felt lost because I couldn’t help my family. The struggles of being overweight are real. You always think people are staring at you like what is wrong with you and you have no confidence in yourself and you get depressed don’t know what you are going to do.

When I started using the products I was scared but I needed to do something and realized this is easy and in the first month had lost 50 lbs and felt amazing with all kinds of energy and a hunger for life. By 3 months I reach the 100 lb club but I wasn’t done. I joined the local gym at 7 months into it and had lost 140 lbs but the exercise did for me was fix my posture and confidence because I didn’t care if people were laughing at me anymore. At 10 months I had reached 205 lbs and was so happy. A total of 175 lbs I had completely changed how I looked and people didn’t even know who I was. So that was the transformation but what comes next?

Chad Nickerson Featured in MagazineMaintaining!!!! This was and still is hard for me just being real. I am not superman, I’m not perfect, I’m just a regular guy who wanted to be around for my family. I have gained some back but I have also gained in muscle and strength. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I will continue to get stronger and leaner. I am on my 5 Isabody challenge because that is a burning desire of mine. I have kept setting new goals all the time because if I am not I will never push myself to reach my potential. I have bad days but I have way more goods days to keep that smile on my face. Life gets in the way for me too but replacing bad habits with good habits will make bad days good.  Our minds will quit 10x faster than our body so fix your mindset and the rest will come natural.

My future goals are to finish what I started and get my weight under 200 and get my body fat% to 12%. I love Isagenix for the simple fact that I can fall off course but I am able to straighten out and refocus on weight loss. I’m so grateful for all of the support and great products put in front of me.

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