30-Day Transformation Challenge Winners Announced

Summertime fun – with vacations, parties, etc. – can be a tough time to stick to a weight loss/fitness routine. Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC recently hosted a 30-Day Transformation Challenge with participants focused on achieving results in three areas: weight loss, energy and performance and healthy aging.  The challenge ran for the month of August, and winners were just announced. We are excited to share their 30-day results below. Our next challenge is slated for late September, 2016. Please Contact Us for full details.


First Place: Paul Wainwright
Paul’s goals were simple when he started this challenge. He wanted to burn more fat and WIN this challenge! Prior to starting this challenge Paul had dropped 40 LBS. This challenge was perfect for him because he was ready to take his health to another level. He reached out to the team for ideas and as always the team came through for him. He was coming into this challenge where he felt he was in a plateau that had lasted about 5 weeks. He made it a priority to do at home workouts. Sometimes working out at 11 PM because he wanted it. He started using the Bedtime Belly Buster and made sure he was getting enough protein every shake day. He also started to incorporate Amped NOx in his daily routine for his workouts. He dropped 13 LBS and regardless if he won the challenge or not he knew he had won with improved health. Thank You Paul, you are an inspiration to all of us!!

Paul Wainwright was named the First Place winner of the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition 30-Day Challenge!

Paul Wainwright was named the First Place winner of the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition 30-Day Challenge!


Second Place: Naomi Steiner

Naomi’s Goals coming into the 30 day challenge were to lean out especially in her tummy, arms and back. Do 2 back to back cleanse days, track food intake, drop 8 LBS and cut back to two alcoholic beverages per week. Naomi dropped 5 LBS, but more importantly she leaned out where she wanted to. She met her goals with only 2 drinks per week of alcohol. She knows that she can still see progress with doing things in moderation. For the future she wants to lean out more in the triceps and thighs and wants to see a 6 pack!! Thank you Naomi for continuing to be an inspiration to all of us!

Naomi Steiner won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Naomi Steiner won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.


Third Place: Marian Bauer
Her goals were to get back to basics, go to the gym one more day per week and work on her speed. She stated she is sick of people getting past her while playing soccer and tripping them is illegal LOL! During the challenge she got back to cleansing and following the program better. She did add that extra day at the gym and is preparing to do the Zombie 5K with her husband and two daughters. She also started to do some running drills in her backyard!! Feel free to add anything that I missed Marian. You have been and are a true inspiration to everyone! PS check out her shoes 🙂

Marian Bauer won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Marian Bauer won 3rd Place in the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Husband/Wife Team Uses Isagenix to Reset Health with Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC. team members Jodi and Paul Wainwright recently shared their Isagenix transformation success story in the hopes it inspires others to start their own journey:

1. Why did you get start Isagenix?

We were living life with a 3 year old and 1 year old twins and we were in survival mode. Always tired, eating on the go and had zero motivation or energy. We talked a talk but when it came down to it it was easier to just keep doing what we

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Jodi Wainwright

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Jodi Wainwright

already knew. My uncle (Jodi’s) passed away and we saw my Aunt Lynn at the funeral and she looked amazing. Her skin was glowing, she had lost weight and although she was always smiling she looked happy. I needed to talk to her and I needed what she had.  After 2 weeks Paul finally agreed that I could sign up for 30 days. I begged him to do it with me. I thought it would be great to do it together. He finally agreed and we both signed up! We jumped in at full speed and haven’t looked back!

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

Life before Isagenix was miserable. Paul hated getting his picture taken and I would get so upset that we had no pictures of him with the kids. And I didn’t want to be the fat mom but I was. We avoided all social outings and basically would sit on the couch after the kids went to bed and we would eat our treats every night!

Paul is in sales and spends a lot of time traveling and sitting in his car. 8-10 hours daily! He found it really hard to eat properly and get any exercise in. I was a stay at home mom and spent my days living for the kids and meeting their needs before mine.

3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
Since joining in February of this year I have lost 55lbs and had to buy an entire new wardrobe! I have energy and when the kids let me I sleep fantastic! I have learned that I do not NEED to eat to survive but I need to give my body the nutrition that it needs and deserves to live! I need to put myself first and in return my kids will get the best mom I could be for them.

Paul has lost 45lbs and is no longer hiding in the house! He enjoys getting his picture taken and running into old friends. He has re found his love to workout and is getting stronger every day. His chronic back pain has improved and he can survive with less sleep!

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

Our favorite product is the  Isalean Chocolate Decadence Bars. We keep them cold in the fridge and then grab one when we are on the go to replace one of our daily shakes. They are delicious! We also love doing our cleanses. Cleanse for Life is great tasting and we love how it makes us feel! My go to shake is the Vanilla Isalean while Paul prefers the Strawberry!

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Memeber Paul Wainwright has lost 45 pounds on the program thus far.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Memeber Paul Wainwright has lost 45 pounds on the program thus far.

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

Goal wise we both want to get to a healthy weight for our age and body types. We want to tighten up and push ourselves to be the best versions of us that we can be. We want to live long healthy lives for our children. With our great results it’s been hard not to share this opportunity. People notice and they want to know how they can do it too. We are very passionate about this program and stand behind it 100%. It definitely makes it easier when you have no doubt that it can work for anyone.

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

Our tips would be to be true to the program. Follow the guidelines and you will succeed. Be honest with yourself and if you fall get back up and keep going. One day at a time.

A typical day for us starts with our Ionix in the morning. Paul usually starts his day with a bar and because I’m at home I have a shake. We always have almonds, hard boiled eggs, cut up raw veggies and cheese available as snacks so like to mix it up so we don’t get bored. On the road Paul will have his lunch shake in his shaker cup and if I’m home I will have a shake for lunch. If I’m out I will grab a bar. We try to eat them on the sneak or we have to share with the kids! They love them too! Our dinners are usually chicken, omelettes or a wrap of some kind. If we are feeling “snacky” we might grab a square or 2 of dark chocolate. And always take our IsaComfort/IsaFlush before bed!

Weight Loss Success Story: Makeup Artist Drops 80 Pounds

We are excited to feature team member Heather R’s weight loss success story on the Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC blog. Heather, already a healthy eater, incorporated Isagenix into her lifestyle to lose 80 pounds. Heather is a makeup artist and store manager for Bare Minerals. She graciously shares her story and tips for success in a recent interview:

Makeup Artist Loses 80 Pounds With Isagenix

Heather R. used Isagenix to help her lose 80 pounds. She looks amazing! We are so proud of you!

Q: How did you make the decision to incorporate Isagenix into your lifestyle?

I started Isagenix because I needed a drastic change in my life. I was tired, depressed, and in and out of doctor visits. Something had to give. Samantha M. told me about isagenix for more than a year before I finally said “yes”. I was already eating super healthy, but was still gaining wait. My health conditions made it feel impossible to get to where I wanted to be. When she finally said “I know you’re not interested but…” I said WAIT! I am! And I placed my first order. After I received my products, they actually sat in the box for weeks. Then I finally jumped in and have not looked back! I feel like a new person and have been able to do things I never thought possible. No to mention losing almost 80 pounds and gaining lean muscle! I can do pull ups for the first time EVER!

Q: What has changed for you since using Isagenix/losing the weight?

I have more energy, I have regained my long lost confidence, and I am more active with friends and family. Instead of hiding out alone in my home, I go out and experience life!

Q: What are your favorite products?

I love just about everything I have tried, but greens, e shots, and IsaDelights are my top three faves.

Q: What are your current goals?

My goal personally is to greater improve my strength and endurance. My goal as a whole is to help spread the knowledge of this amazing nutrition with others and improve their lives as it has improved mine.

Q: Tell us about how you incorporate Isagenix into your schedule. What tips can you offer?

I don’t let anything other than what works for me dictate my schedule. My work hours fluctuate, so I adjust to what will benefit me the most. I always have at least one shake a day no matter what my schedule,i usually do two a day. One for breakfast, balanced meal for lunch, and shake for dinner. I am pescaterian, so I add Isa pro or do IsaLean pro and sometimes add Isa crunch for the extra sources of protein.

Disclaimer: The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 3 kilos during the first 9 days of the Accelerated Wellness System. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

Success Story: Kristin Finds Balance in Isagenix Superfood Nutrition

Recently, Kristin G. was kind enough to share her Isagenix story. She is a leading member of the Cougars & Cowboys Team and we couldn’t be happier for her amazing transformation in mind, body and spirit! Below, she shares how Isagenix Superfood helped her find balance.

Isagenix Success Story

Before & After Isagenix Success Story Kristin Goodman  – Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition 


Q: What was life like before Isagenix?

I used to wake up every morning and have egg whites with cheese – guilt ridden over the cheese – coffee with half and half – guilt ridden over the half and half – and a piece of rice toast with butter and jelly – guilt ridden…you get the picture. I used to eat a salad for lunch with some lentils and feta. I used to have more salad for supper with pasta or meat or any kind of dinner you can imagine paired with one or two glasses of wine. I used to obsess about the food I was going to eat or had eaten. I used to feel pain in my abdomen for no apparent reason – or at least no reason my doctors could find. I used to feel sluggish and irritable. I used to hate getting dressed for the day, because I didn’t like how my clothes fit. Those Diesel jeans that I saved from six years ago were mocking me folded on the bottom shelf of my closet, begging me to “get it together already” so they could be worn. But I couldn’t get it together. I tried over and over again, only to fail over and over again.

I worked out and I was strong, but I was twenty pounds too heavy for my body to be comfortable – I thought I was only ten pounds too heavy – and my mental clarity was suffering along with my emotional ability to respond to life’s big and small challenges, rather than to just react. I was at a loss. I was depressed that I had been defeated by myself. I was the failure and I wasn’t going to be successful at anything until I felt good inside and liked what I saw on the outside.

How were you introduced to Isagenix?

An acquaintance of mine – and now good friend – Samantha, told me about Isagenix in 2014. I was ready for relief and so I ordered a 30 day cleanse. I got it that week and promptly returned it unopened just before my 43 rd birthday. I had quickly decided that I wasn’t going to succeed. There was too much going on. I might as well get my money back and go back to the way I had been trying to lose weight before.

I did in fact go back to the ways I had tried to lose weight and feel better before. I wound up with the same results: feeling bad and becoming more inflamed and stressed out over the next year.

What made you decide to finally use the program? What results have you experienced using Isagenix?

Just two weeks before my 44th birthday – almost a year to the day I ordered Isagenix the first time – I was on a 7mile hike with a friend. I was struggling and I heard the words come out of my mouth, “I think I might do this cleanse.” My friend who was on the hike with me said, “I’ll do it with you.” We ordered it and both did the 9 day cleanse. By day five I had no pain in my body. None. By day seven I had lost 12 pounds. By day eleven I had lost 14 pounds. Three months later while still using the shakes and cleansing twice a month, I lost 28 pounds and have had no pain reoccur. My mind is clear; my emotional life is stable; the jeans that mocked me from the bottom shelf of my closet are too big on me to wear; and my belief in myself has quadrupled. I wasn’t a loser because I couldn’t lose the weight or find the clarity, I was lost in a world that told me I had done it to myself and that I was weak because I wasn’t making good choices and I wasn’t running every morning. I had no idea that no matter how hard I tried my body wasn’t going to release the weight because it wasn’t going to be properly nourished to balance itself out. I wasn’t going to lose the weight or find the emotional clarity to become healthy without the proper nutrition to get me there. Isagenix gave it to me.

Describe a typical day for you today…

Now, I drink a shake – strawberry with chocolate most mornings with IsaGreens; I drink a cup of coffee – black, no cream needed; and neither of these choices leave me feeling hungry, dissatisfied, or riddled with guilt. I have tripled my work load and still have time to see my friends and spend quality time with my daughter and husband. I am smiling when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night feeling satisfied with a completely full day behind me. And I sleep like a rock.

When my daughter yells or throws a tantrum – she’s 6 – I calmly hold my boundaries without emotionally reacting. I feel in control, not threatened. As my husband says, “You are in the driver’s seat now.” I have control over my body and my mental state. My body is balanced. I have given myself a well oiled machine to walk around and play in that isn’t stressed out and neurotic, but rather calm and collected. I’m no longer fighting an uphill battle. I’ve leveled the playing field and even given myself an advantage.

What lies ahead for you as a result of Isagenix?

Isagenix has given me the freedom to be and do everything I’d imagined for myself. I am making money by introducing others to the products and the business, all the while benefiting from the nutrition provided. I am so grateful that Samantha introduced these products and this business to me. I can’t imagine going back to where I was before the day I started that 9 day cleanse. I have been healed by this nutrition in so many ways. I hope you get to try them and experience the same transformation I have experienced. It’s a good one. As Louise, from one of my favorite films, Thelma & Louise, says, “You get what you settle for.” I can’t imagine settling for less than what these products offer and the financial boost this company has given me. I hope you don’t either.

Husband/Wife Team Loses 85 Pounds with Isagenix

I would like to extend a sincere Thank You to Marian & Joseph Bauer for sharing their journey with Isagenix so eloquently. It is an honor to have both of you on the team and we appreciate your extremely valuable and applicable advice!

  1. Why did you get start Isagenix? 
Joe & Marian before starting isagenix

Joe & Marian before starting Isagenix

I signed up with a Pacesetter Pak in April 2014, and I haven’t looked back since.  My personal trainer and friend, Megan Malinowski, invited me to a launch party.   I had ignored her advice on eating clean and changing my diet far too long, and I just got to the point that I knew I had to do something to get my life back.

  1. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

Before Isagenix, I was overweight and not happy with myself with respect to my appearance and health.   I was about to turn 50, and I was at my highest weight ever and I felt lousy.  In April 2011, I joined the gym and connected up with a great personal trainer, but the one thing I didn’t follow up with was changing my diet to complement the exercise and hard work I was putting in to improve myself.  I lost 30 pounds, but I couldn’t sustain those benefits.  I actually gained 15 pounds back and knew I was heading in the wrong direction once again.  It took me 3 years, but I came to the realization that I also had to change what I was putting into my body, and that is when my real journey began.   This was around the same time my trainer started some new “cleanse diet” and invited me to attend a launch party.   I almost wasn’t going to attend because of some excuse, but I’m so happy I changed my mind.  I joined that evening, more so on blind faith than knowing the science behind Isagenix.  You hear it all the time, but it is so true, saying yes changed my life.

  1. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life? *
Joe comparison

Joe’s incredible 30-pound weight loss!

The benefits have been many.  I know we can’t make claims of cures and such, but for me I can honestly say I feel better and my overall health has improved because I have lost 70 pounds over my journey, 55 with Isagenix.  I would like to give credit for the entire 70 pounds to Isagenix because I was at the point once again of losing the battle and slowly creeping back up when I finally got on the program.   I have also lost well over 50 inches and am currently down from a size 22 to 10/12s.

I don’t dread going to the doctor anymore as I know my vitals are going to be good – weight, blood pressure, sugar and thyroid.   Not only am I personally making better choices, but overall my family is eating healthier because of it.   I’m enjoying finding recipes and ways to prepare healthier meals for all of us.

In May 2015, I finally got my husband Joe to say yes.  At first he would ask if I could make him a shake or he would try an IsaLean Bar, and through it all he kept seeing my steady success.  So far he has lost over 30 pounds and he looks great.  I am so happy that we are doing this together and getting healthier and happier in our lives.

  1. What are your favorite products?
Hot Marian!!!

Marian looking #SexyForSanta!!!

I know Katie thinks my favorite product is Ionix (all because of some crazy story she heard at ISAU Toronto), but I have to say t+ Chai tea is my most favorite, closely followed by the Chocolate IsaLean shakes,  IsaGreens and Replenish.   Of course e-shots are not far behind.

I find the t+ Chai not only tastes great, but it is very soothing and relaxing; and it fits into any part of your busy day.

  1. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

Although I have been very successful on the weight loss and energy side of Isagenix, I have not yet translated that into success with the business side.  For the most part I have been a product user.   After seeing my success up close and personal, my husband decided to join me, and he was my very first sign up.

I will continue to share the opportunity with others and work on creating more interest.  I will continue to participate in team calls and be supportive of team members.   Most importantly I will work on my personal development.  I have several DVDs on my agenda and I am currently listening to GoPro by Eric Worre.   The opportunity is out there and I have to seize it.

  1. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

I especially like to start my morning off with a thick chocolate-black sesame-IsaGreens shake with a little bit of post grape nut cereal for some added crunch.  My daily activities vary, but I basically go to the gym 3 times per week which includes spinning and body toning.   This year I am committed to increasing my activity by rejoining my Friday morning boot camp group lead by my friend/trainer/sponsor.

Joe & Marian looking smoking hot today!

Joe & Marian rocking their new bodies!

Joe 2015 (1)

Joe Lost 30 pounds on the program!

One thing that I am very proud of is that at ages 54 and 58, me and my husband, play year round recreational soccer.  We are just about the oldest competitors out there.  We have been playing for about 8 years, but the last year has been much more enjoyable, quicker and easier on the knees when you consider there is over 100 pounds less for both of us to carry on the field.   I may not have the best footwork, but I out there doing what I enjoy, having fun and getting plenty of running exercise.


My tip would be to not beat yourself up when you have an off day – that’s life and a lesson in balancing your new lifestyle.  Should you hit a plateau and have not yet reached your weight loss goals, refocus and reevaluate.   I get back to myfitnesspal, log my food intake and see where I need to adjust.   Myfitnesspal is in eye opener.


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