Owen Drops 40 lbs, Reclaims Energy, Finally Finds a Plan That Works


Growing up I was always the heavy kid. This was something that was never very e

njoyable but I felt it was something I was stuck with as that was just who I was. As I got older my weight fluctuated drastically over several years but finally ended up on the heavier side. Over the past several years I have tried several different ways to lose some of this additional weight through diets, exercise and yes even some of those as seen on TV products that we all want to try but trust me they don’t work. It just seemed like nothing worked so I basically gave up. The worst part of being in this situation was my lack of energy and just plain desire to really want to do anything.

After a period of about a year of just feeling horrible I decided I had to make a change in order to enjoy life at all. After talking with a couple of friends who lived something called the “Isa Lifestyle” I was very intrigued by what it was. They both sat with me  and went through everything about what it was and although it sounded like a large commitment it did seem like there was a possibility of great potential and after seeing how much energy they both had I knew that this was something I wanted to learn more about.

The final kick in the butt came while visiting home and sitting with my sister talking about this new program she was about to start. Turns out it was the same program. Her first delivery came while I was there visiting and we read through everything together and although there was a lot involved it actually seemed very easy to follow and felt like something that I could do. Fast forward 3 months and I decided to start this myself as something just seemed right about the timing. So I placed my first order!!!

When that first box arrived it was an amazing feeling as if a new me was just waiting inside that box. I got everything organized and set my schedule and started everything 2 days later and have never looked back. Starting out was a little hectic as I was constantly forgetting something at home that I needed while I was at work so I figured out way to split the items I would need at both work and home so that I would not forget anything and after about a week a routine set in. I could feel a change in me overnight as if I was filled with a new energy to want to do things and enjoy life again. After having tried all of the items that came with the pack and hearing so many of the different comments about how some people don’t like certain products I have yet to have even one that I didn’t like which a major part of keeping the momentum in a forward motion. I would have to say I enjoy the E Shots a little too much sometimes on my days off as I never want to just sit and relax any more but on the bright side the house has never been cleaner or more organized and the chores list just gets smaller and smaller!!!

The hardest part in this whole program was adjusting it into my work lifestyle. As a hotel sales manager much of my time is spent entertaining clients, attending business dinners and just basically socializing with a glass of wine in one hand watching for the appetizers to be passed. I found myself being very scared that this would affect that portion of my life in a negative way but it actually could not have worked out better. For the first 30 days I stuck to the plan completely and because of that everyone began to see a change in me which started up that conversation and allowed me to explain why I didn’t have that glass of wine in my hand but instead a glass of club soda and instead of the fattening appetizers I stayed more with vegetables and proteins. Everyone was so impressed my worst fear was alleviated and now I am able to have that occasional glass of wine with them and not feel like it’s going to mess up the whole plan.

This is something that I could not have done without the support of those 2 friends who still help me to this day almost daily with support, advice and just basically being there to have fun with. I have found a new love of the health food store and read food labels more than I have ever done in the past. While this has changed by entire lifestyle I can honestly say that it is definitely for the best and I will never go back for any reason.

As I finish up my first 90 days in the next 2 weeks I am currently down 40+ lbs. and could not be happier. I am looking forward to the next chapter which is to return to the gym and work with a personal trainer who is also a good friend and knows what a trip this has been as he has seen the changes with me and wants to help me get to that next level and tone up a little more.

To anyone that is looking at getting started on this program the best thing I can say is to find that friend(s) for the support, if I did not have that at the beginning I have a feeling I would have given up once again. The results just happened so fast that it made me only want to keep going and their support just kept pushing me forward.

Giving up coffee: Rachel’s 6 week weight loss transformation

PictureDespite losing 10 lbs and 18 inches in 6 weeks on the program, Rachel counts quitting coffee as her greatest ac


SUCCESS STORY: Rachel Morrell

Rachel Morrell, who started the program in early October, has had an amazing product transformation, as shown below. She was kind enough to share her story, favorite products and tips for success. 

Can you share a little more about your story? After my daughter was born in March 2010, I could not lose my baby weight. I tried everything and was a ‘yo-yo’ dieter. I am getting married in 6 months and I wanted to change my bad eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

Aaron and Jenny Reichert introduced me to the program. I didn’t make any excuses. After one week following the plan, I lost 3 pounds, but more importantly, I gave up coffee!

What are your favorite products? I replaced coffee with Want More Energy, which has Vitamin A, C and B complex electrolytes. I work 11-hour days and this helps my mood and gives me a boost of energy without caffeine or stimulants. My second favorite product is Ionix Supreme. I put one scoop in 6 oz of warm water and drink it as soon as I wake up. This helps me focus and helps my immune system. The reason why I lost 10 lbs and 18 inches in 6 weeks is due in large part to cleansing. Cleanse for Life is the missing piece to the puzzle to my weight loss, in my opinion. By cleansing one time per week, this helps with impurities and flushes all the toxins away and fat solubles.

Can you share your tips for Success? Everyone is different. If you don’t lose a lot of weight in your first couple of weeks, don’t stop. Keep going. Every body type is different. Don’t weigh yourself everyday. Take your measurements 15 days into the 30-day program and don’t worry what the scale says. Get family, friends and co-workers to join you for accountability.

How has the program helped you? This program has changed my life in so many ways – especially my confidence. The best part is that I am sharing the program with my family, friends and co-workers. This program is very easy and you can still go out and have fun. For the first time, I don’t have to worry about gaining weight this winter. By sharing how the program works, I am getting my products paid for and making extra money that will help me with Christmas this year.

Alaska’s Liza Ross Down 61 lbs in four months, and counting…

Weight Loss Success Story Spotlight: Liza R.

PictureAlaska’s Liza R. is down 61 lbs after 4 months on the pla


It was an honor to interview Alaska-based team member Liza R. Her progress is jaw-dropping. Since starting the program on June 19th, she is down 61 pounds by her October 22 weigh-in. That’s pretty amazing. She was kind enough to share her story and tips for success with all of us.

1.) Can you share a little bit about your story and what made you decide to give this program a shot with so many competitors on the market?

I heard about the program from Katie Becker. Seeing all the pictures of people on the private Facebook group was really motivating.  I have struggled with my weight since I was eight. I blamed everyone but myself.  I finally lost weight in my first year at college but that was from not eating. Most likely, I was close to being borderline anorexic.  So when I started eating again it all came back. And then some…  I have tried diet and exercise, Weight Watchers, more diet and exercise and I never lost much. I have PCOS which makes it hard to lose weight and creates insulin resistance. I then got married and had two kids which added to my weight gain. I was at a point when I needed to buy bigger clothes or lose the weight. I chose to be healthy!  I want to play with my kids and be here for them for a long time! Starting this plan was the best decision I have ever made.

I liked the program because I saw the results and read the stories.  Plus I liked that it uses organic products and builds muscle.  I hesitated for a while about the deep cleanse thinking I could never do it. Well, I did it and I love it!  It helps me control my eating!!  It showed me I don’t need to eat if I am tired and being lazy, I just need to get up and move!!

I have to lose half of my weight and I am 1/3 of the way there. I still have a ways to go but see a difference on the scale and in my clothes.  I have gone down 4 sizes – 1 every month!!!

2.) What do you say when people notice your weight loss?

I say, thanks!!! I tell them that I am increasing my protein, eating organic, and eating very little carbs.  I actually crave vegetables!  My co-worker always comments on how well I eat.  Being overweight, that never happens!

3.) What are your tips for success on this program?

Stick to the program and make it work for you!  If you cheat, keep going.  It’s life, the world celebrates with food.  It will happen but you get back on and keep moving forward!

Also, the support and encouragement is amazing!  Coaching support from Katie & Adam has been fantastic!  Plus I have another support group of women who have a lot of weight to lose and they have been huge in helping me keep on going even when I get stuck.

4.) Anything else? How has your life changed, or your family’s lives since starting?

I have tons of energy, I feel awake even if I get less sleep, and I have the energy to come home after a draining day at work and enjoy my kids!!

I have seen great changes with my mother-in-law and mother who also started the program. They are loving it and doing great! A friend has started and is seeing great changes!  I am still working on my husband…he told me the other day that he finally knows what jealousy feels like.  He sees me shrinking and wants to shrink too!

4.) What are some of your favorite ‘must-have’ products?

Products: all of them!  Ionix Supreme – a little extra on stressful weeks; e+ shots – on cleanse days help me stay on track and busy; IsaDelights – delicious chocolate morsels; IsaLean bars – meals on the go. I change up my meals/shakes on different days to have dinner with my family and I do 3 deep cleanses each month. The cleanses helped me realize how addicted to food I really was. Oh and Bedtime Belly Buster – it puts me right to sleep!

To get started on your journey to better health, contact Katie or Adam Becker at (585) 687-8131. Free coaching and support group provided for all customers!

10 TIPS to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain  can happen: take steps now to prevent it!


Holidays are a fun time full of laughter and good food. But sadly, it’s also a time for weight gain…! While sources debate the actual pounds of weight gain – from one to ten pounds – the most alarming point follows. Most Americans never lost the weight they gain during the winter holidays, according to researchers at the National Institute of Health.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you. And as someone who has already exhibited success on our nutrition plan, you know what you have to do to get things back in order!

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a “high risk” time for weight gain. While Thanksgiving is only one day, the holiday festivities complete with food and alcohol, typically extends through the new year. To keep your holiday weight gain in check, here are our Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

1.) WATER! 
Keep the water going throughout the day, every day. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. Don’t be afraid to bring your water bottle to a holiday party. And be sure to drink at least 8-12 ounces roughly 15-20 minutes before a large meal. It will help you prevent over-eating.

2.) Keep Moving!
While you may not be able to follow your current exercise regime 100%, don’t let that be an excuse to do nothing. Make a new holiday tradition to take a long walk after the meal prior to eating dessert. You might be surprised to find yourself not even wanting the dessert. Stay as loyal as possible to your current workout routine, and if you don’t have one, no time like the present to start, even if it’s just walking…

3.) Don’t Arrive at a Party STARVING!!!
Eat a protein-packed snack prior to leaving for your party to keep your hunger at bay. High quality protein is the best way to curb your appetite and avoid overeating.

4.) PROTEIN first:
Protein is the quickest way to fill up and curb your appetite. If you eat your protein portion first (turkey, ham, etc) you are less likely to over-indulge on the ‘naughty’ stuff like high calorie rolls, pastries, etc.

5.) If you cook, crack down on the ‘tastes’!
It’s easy to do when you are in charge of cooking a large meal. But be prepared and limit your indulgences. Keep the water going and have protein-packed snacks throughout your preparation to keep your hunger at bay.

Plan to do a one-day or two-day cleanse on the Monday following the holiday. If you have never done a cleanse day, contact us to learn more, and to purchase our all-natural cellular cleanse. If your schedule doens’t allow for this, consider nightly cleansing. Full details are located in your ‘Getting Started Guide‘ and also in our private Facebook group.

7.) Aim for 7 a day! Get your fruit and veggies!
In addition to protein, ensuring you get your seven servings of fruit and vegetables is another great way to fill up on healthy food. Fruits and veggies have far fewer calories and many more nutrients than chips, cookies, crackers, etc. You get the idea…! Prep the fruit and veggies ahead of time and snack on them to make sure you get your servings in!

8.) Be accountable to someone other than yourself!
We all start out with the best of intentions. And those don’t always pan out. That’s why we started our ‘Holiday Contest’ to assign you an accountability partner so you can work together to share your struggles and avoid the holiday gain! Still time to join in, so contact me to be added.

9.) Keep one thing consistent: 
On holiday mornings, be sure to start your day with a protein-packed IsaLean shake, or IsaLean PRO shake. Starting your day with a solid protein-filled breakfast will help you prevent overeating later in the day.

10.) Have a Plan:
If you do let things get out of hand during the holidays  have a plan to get back on track in the New Year. In addition to our current contest that runs through the end of December (still time to join, contact me to be added), we will be offering our next Nutrition Bootcamp mini course in January. Contact us to register.

With this, please enjoy your holiday and stay safe. If you are not currently a customer of Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition and would like additional information about our nutrition plans, please contact us at (585) 687-8131 or via our contact form. We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

About the Author: Katie Becker is a 2002 graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Animal Science & Nutrition. She personally lost 82 pounds using the IsaGenix program now coaches hundreds to achieve their health and wellness goals. Along with her husband Adam, they have created an at-home IsaGenix business, and also show others how to earn additional income from the comfort of their home. She is also a photographer and owner of Katie Becker Photography. If you are looking for improved health and/or wealth, please contact Katie (585) 687-8131 or Adam (716) 474-4738 to get started. 



Kristina started her weight loss journey on April 3, 2012, and has lost 48 pounds! Along with her

amazing body transformation, Kristina is also helping several others along the same path. Read on to learn more about her weight loss and business success.


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with busy Mom-entrepreneur Kristina Harrison-Savage. After just a couple weeks in the business, Kristina is already a network marketing success story. Following her tremendous product success – she has lost 48 pounds since April 3, 2012 and looks amazing – Kristina felt compelled to share the products with friends, family and fellow busy parents! Kristina has matched her weight loss success with amazing results in the business, earning nearly $700 in one week SOLEY from bonuses (not including her commission!). And she is just getting started. Read on to learn more about Kristina’s weight loss and business success:

1. Tell me more about your weight loss… As of the time this blog post was published (8/28/12) how much have you lost? When did you start? What is your key to success on the weight loss?

I started on April 3rd.  I lost 10 lbs in my first 11 days and then 20 lbs for the whole month.  As of today, I am down 48 lbs and feel amazing.  I don’t think I have done anything special that has lead to this success.  I take it one day at a time.  I don’t starve myself and do enjoy more than the occasional splurge.  I just think Isa is such wonderful food and when you feed your body right, amazing things can happen.

2. Why did you take an interest in the business side? 

I originally started the business to help pay for my product.  I have my own business and 2 small kids at home which keeps me busy.  But I find the business side of Isa fun to do.

3. What has been your experience on the business side so far?

I think I have had good success.  I have just come off one of my best weeks ever with Isa.  I recommended 5 friends to start the program and start to live a healthier life.  From a financial side, this resulted in close to $700 in bonuses in one week alone from these referrals.

4. Do you recommend others get started on the business side?

I really think EVERYONE should give the business side a start. Just like the product side of Isa you have nothing to lose and only money to gain. Isa doesn’t charge you anything to start up your business.  I don’t know any other company that does that.  I have a lot of friends who sell jewelry, kids clothing and purses etc…  They all need to spend money out of pocket to have the privilege to sell their product and then need to invest in inventory.  Isa has none of this.  Give it a try, even if you only talk to your close friends and get 2 people to sign up you will get anywhere from $150-$200 back.  Why would you say no?

5. Why do you think many struggle with the business side? Any tips to make it easier?

I think people have a hard time getting out of their own way.  We have a tendency to make things hard on ourselves when we really don’t need to.  I think some people think they haven’t lost enough weight yet.  Others are afraid of failure.  Others don’t think they know how to coach.  However there is so much support working with Isa.  When I don’t know the answer to something (frequently) I get on Facebook or call one of my new Isa friends and within minutes I have a ton of people posting me answers, advice and support.

I would encourage everyone to start immediately with sharing Isa.  Facebook is a great place to start.  We all spend so much time on that site every day.  Just post a quick comment on your page about how much weight you have lost.  Or talk about how great you feel.  Perhaps talk about a journey you are about to take.  Anything-  people are always looking for something interesting on Facebook these days.  And then just start to tell them the truth about what you have been doing.  Ask the person who recommended Isa to you for some suggestions if you are stuck with the words.

6. What is your key to success on the business side?

I try to live by this “I would rather regret the things I have tried than the things I have been too scared to try”.  Isa makes me feel awesome and I know I am healthier with it.  That makes it easy to share and get out of my comfort zone.  I don’t expect people to sign up within the first 5 minutes that I open my mouth.  Sometimes it takes weeks, even longer.  Some people simply are not ready to lose weight or get healthy no matter how much they need it.  But if you keep the lines of communication open, they all come around.  I would suggest you just be open to talking about Isa.  Start with your best friends and family and let it go from there.

7. What tools do you rely on in your business? (i.e. bootcamp, Tigers business calls, Kelley’s calls, etc. – anything that helps)

I love the network of our team.  We have an awesome team that is always there for you.

Facebook has helped me out as well.  From the comfort of my home I can reach people and spread the word.

But truly, the reason for my most recent success has been the Bootcamp.  I LOVE the bootcamp.  This is such a great tool and makes selling ISA so easy.  I have done gym bootcamps in the past and pay over $500 for them.  I hate the gym (even though it’s good for me).   I can’t tell you how many times I used to say to myself “I would pay anything to be slim”.  I think many people probably say the same thing.  Our bootcamp is an excellent way to help people lose weight & do it affordable.  If you have not shared the bootcamp with your friends, call me, call Katie we will give you the full lowdown on how this works and why it is so easy to sell.

Note: Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For the official Isagenix earnings statement please see


1530325Katie Becker, founder of Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition is dedicated to helping those committed to achieve their weight loss, athletic performance and wealth creation goals. Like us on Facebook for inspiration and motivation!