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Husband/Wife Team Uses Isagenix to Reset Health with Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition, LLC. team members Jodi and Paul Wainwright recently shared their Isagenix transformation success story in the hopes it inspires others to start their own journey:

1. Why did you get start Isagenix?

We were living life with a 3 year old and 1 year old twins and we were in survival mode. Always tired, eating on the go and had zero motivation or energy. We talked a talk but when it came down to it it was easier to just keep doing what we

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Jodi Wainwright

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Member Jodi Wainwright

already knew. My uncle (Jodi’s) passed away and we saw my Aunt Lynn at the funeral and she looked amazing. Her skin was glowing, she had lost weight and although she was always smiling she looked happy. I needed to talk to her and I needed what she had.  After 2 weeks Paul finally agreed that I could sign up for 30 days. I begged him to do it with me. I thought it would be great to do it together. He finally agreed and we both signed up! We jumped in at full speed and haven’t looked back!

2. What was life like for you before starting Isagenix?

Life before Isagenix was miserable. Paul hated getting his picture taken and I would get so upset that we had no pictures of him with the kids. And I didn’t want to be the fat mom but I was. We avoided all social outings and basically would sit on the couch after the kids went to bed and we would eat our treats every night!

Paul is in sales and spends a lot of time traveling and sitting in his car. 8-10 hours daily! He found it really hard to eat properly and get any exercise in. I was a stay at home mom and spent my days living for the kids and meeting their needs before mine.

3. Please share your journey and success so far with the products. What’s changed in your life?
Since joining in February of this year I have lost 55lbs and had to buy an entire new wardrobe! I have energy and when the kids let me I sleep fantastic! I have learned that I do not NEED to eat to survive but I need to give my body the nutrition that it needs and deserves to live! I need to put myself first and in return my kids will get the best mom I could be for them.

Paul has lost 45lbs and is no longer hiding in the house! He enjoys getting his picture taken and running into old friends. He has re found his love to workout and is getting stronger every day. His chronic back pain has improved and he can survive with less sleep!

4. What are your favorite products? Why?

Our favorite product is the  Isalean Chocolate Decadence Bars. We keep them cold in the fridge and then grab one when we are on the go to replace one of our daily shakes. They are delicious! We also love doing our cleanses. Cleanse for Life is great tasting and we love how it makes us feel! My go to shake is the Vanilla Isalean while Paul prefers the Strawberry!

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Memeber Paul Wainwright has lost 45 pounds on the program thus far.

Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition Team Memeber Paul Wainwright has lost 45 pounds on the program thus far.

5. What’s ahead for you goal-wise? Have you started sharing the opportunity with others?

Goal wise we both want to get to a healthy weight for our age and body types. We want to tighten up and push ourselves to be the best versions of us that we can be. We want to live long healthy lives for our children. With our great results it’s been hard not to share this opportunity. People notice and they want to know how they can do it too. We are very passionate about this program and stand behind it 100%. It definitely makes it easier when you have no doubt that it can work for anyone.

6. Can you share your tips for success? What does a typical day look like for you?

Our tips would be to be true to the program. Follow the guidelines and you will succeed. Be honest with yourself and if you fall get back up and keep going. One day at a time.

A typical day for us starts with our Ionix in the morning. Paul usually starts his day with a bar and because I’m at home I have a shake. We always have almonds, hard boiled eggs, cut up raw veggies and cheese available as snacks so like to mix it up so we don’t get bored. On the road Paul will have his lunch shake in his shaker cup and if I’m home I will have a shake for lunch. If I’m out I will grab a bar. We try to eat them on the sneak or we have to share with the kids! They love them too! Our dinners are usually chicken, omelettes or a wrap of some kind. If we are feeling “snacky” we might grab a square or 2 of dark chocolate. And always take our IsaComfort/IsaFlush before bed!



Kristina started her weight loss journey on April 3, 2012, and has lost 48 pounds! Along with her

amazing body transformation, Kristina is also helping several others along the same path. Read on to learn more about her weight loss and business success.


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with busy Mom-entrepreneur Kristina Harrison-Savage. After just a couple weeks in the business, Kristina is already a network marketing success story. Following her tremendous product success – she has lost 48 pounds since April 3, 2012 and looks amazing – Kristina felt compelled to share the products with friends, family and fellow busy parents! Kristina has matched her weight loss success with amazing results in the business, earning nearly $700 in one week SOLEY from bonuses (not including her commission!). And she is just getting started. Read on to learn more about Kristina’s weight loss and business success:

1. Tell me more about your weight loss… As of the time this blog post was published (8/28/12) how much have you lost? When did you start? What is your key to success on the weight loss?

I started on April 3rd.  I lost 10 lbs in my first 11 days and then 20 lbs for the whole month.  As of today, I am down 48 lbs and feel amazing.  I don’t think I have done anything special that has lead to this success.  I take it one day at a time.  I don’t starve myself and do enjoy more than the occasional splurge.  I just think Isa is such wonderful food and when you feed your body right, amazing things can happen.

2. Why did you take an interest in the business side? 

I originally started the business to help pay for my product.  I have my own business and 2 small kids at home which keeps me busy.  But I find the business side of Isa fun to do.

3. What has been your experience on the business side so far?

I think I have had good success.  I have just come off one of my best weeks ever with Isa.  I recommended 5 friends to start the program and start to live a healthier life.  From a financial side, this resulted in close to $700 in bonuses in one week alone from these referrals.

4. Do you recommend others get started on the business side?

I really think EVERYONE should give the business side a start. Just like the product side of Isa you have nothing to lose and only money to gain. Isa doesn’t charge you anything to start up your business.  I don’t know any other company that does that.  I have a lot of friends who sell jewelry, kids clothing and purses etc…  They all need to spend money out of pocket to have the privilege to sell their product and then need to invest in inventory.  Isa has none of this.  Give it a try, even if you only talk to your close friends and get 2 people to sign up you will get anywhere from $150-$200 back.  Why would you say no?

5. Why do you think many struggle with the business side? Any tips to make it easier?

I think people have a hard time getting out of their own way.  We have a tendency to make things hard on ourselves when we really don’t need to.  I think some people think they haven’t lost enough weight yet.  Others are afraid of failure.  Others don’t think they know how to coach.  However there is so much support working with Isa.  When I don’t know the answer to something (frequently) I get on Facebook or call one of my new Isa friends and within minutes I have a ton of people posting me answers, advice and support.

I would encourage everyone to start immediately with sharing Isa.  Facebook is a great place to start.  We all spend so much time on that site every day.  Just post a quick comment on your page about how much weight you have lost.  Or talk about how great you feel.  Perhaps talk about a journey you are about to take.  Anything-  people are always looking for something interesting on Facebook these days.  And then just start to tell them the truth about what you have been doing.  Ask the person who recommended Isa to you for some suggestions if you are stuck with the words.

6. What is your key to success on the business side?

I try to live by this “I would rather regret the things I have tried than the things I have been too scared to try”.  Isa makes me feel awesome and I know I am healthier with it.  That makes it easy to share and get out of my comfort zone.  I don’t expect people to sign up within the first 5 minutes that I open my mouth.  Sometimes it takes weeks, even longer.  Some people simply are not ready to lose weight or get healthy no matter how much they need it.  But if you keep the lines of communication open, they all come around.  I would suggest you just be open to talking about Isa.  Start with your best friends and family and let it go from there.

7. What tools do you rely on in your business? (i.e. bootcamp, Tigers business calls, Kelley’s calls, etc. – anything that helps)

I love the network of our team.  We have an awesome team that is always there for you.

Facebook has helped me out as well.  From the comfort of my home I can reach people and spread the word.

But truly, the reason for my most recent success has been the Bootcamp.  I LOVE the bootcamp.  This is such a great tool and makes selling ISA so easy.  I have done gym bootcamps in the past and pay over $500 for them.  I hate the gym (even though it’s good for me).   I can’t tell you how many times I used to say to myself “I would pay anything to be slim”.  I think many people probably say the same thing.  Our bootcamp is an excellent way to help people lose weight & do it affordable.  If you have not shared the bootcamp with your friends, call me, call Katie we will give you the full lowdown on how this works and why it is so easy to sell.

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