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Katie Becker

I am a 10-year+ veteran of Corporate America. I was working for a large corporation and days after returning from maternity leave, learned that my job would be relocated. I was given the opportunity to interview for dozens of positions as I worked to train my job replacements on the west coast. And was assured I would end up in a better position than the one that was relocated. As it turned out, on the last day of my scheduled work, HR called me to offer me a demotion to an internship. Feeling pressured and mostly scared of being jobless, I accepted.

Ironically (although I credit divine intervention), my daughter Hannah became very sick that same day and by Monday morning, the same day I was supposed to be at my new job, I was in the ICU with her and would be there for a week. It turned out to be a true turning point, a blessing in disguise. As Hannah recovered over that week, I had plenty of time to read and think and remember reading “Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kyossaki. And I remember a fire burning inside. Something was different. At the time I had been using the products a couple months and was down roughly 20 pounds, but certainly felt like a new person.

Becker_Web-110The following Monday, I returned to my demotion, with every intention of giving it my all. But again, something was different. After about 2 hours on the new job, and spreadsheet after spreadsheet being thrown at me, I excused myself from the trainer and went over to my new boss and told him this wasn’t going to work out. I told him I was leaving to start my own health and wellness business. He said I was crazy to leave health benefits and a steady paycheck and asked me if I had any customers yet. “No, but I will,” I responded.

I distinctly remember calling Adam from work that day and ‘telling’ him I had quit. Highly out of character for me to ever quit anything. He was surprised but supported my decision. From that point, I got to work building the business. Best of all, I was able to be with my daughter and watch her grow up. A gift.

funnyAfter quickly seeing the tremendous opportunity with our company, Adam quickly jumped on board and his tireless energy has been a key asset to our team and partnership. Our team knows they can go to him and he is one to be counted on. We tease him and call him ‘Rainman’ because of his commanding knowledge of all the nitty gritty details. So we work well together, because I am the opposite…!

Together, we have built a rapidly growing business. We’ve learned all the bumps in the road to now shortcut our fast-growing team to quick success.

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