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Katie Becker – Sluggish new Mom Drops 82 pounds, Energy levels Surge!

After giving birth to my daughter, my weight got out of hand. I left the hospital at an all-time high for me, even AFTER giving birth! I was still wearing maternity clothes months after delivery. My energy levels sucked. The extra weight was taking a serious toll on me. I was addicted to junk food. My blood work was horrible. Something had to give. Fortunately, I was introduced to an amazing nutrition program from fellow Cornell alum. After my first 9 days, I was down 14 pounds and knew this was different. Even though I still had a lot of weight to lose, my energy levels were improving, and more importantly, my junk food cravings were gone – which were always my weakness.

I founded Cougars & Cowboys Nutrition in February 2012 when I made the bold decision to leave my position in Corporate America to help others achieve their health and wealth goals. Since inception, our team has grown drastically, and those who previously struggled to make the scale budge are posting phenomenal results and having a fun time along the way helping their friends to do the same. We welcome anyone who wants to join us, whether you need to lose weight, gain more energy, or increase athletic performance.

So, I technically started the plan in December, but was so embarrassed I never allowed anyone to take pictures of me. The picture dated ‘Feb 1 ’12 was actually taken when my daughter was in the hospital unexpectedly. I didn’t even realize that my Mom was snapping the photo until I turned around! So I think I was already down about 20 pounds when that picture was taken. By July 26, I was down 82 pounds and am working toward my goal of joining the ‘100 Pound Club’ before the end of 2012. Check back to track my progress!

Adam Becker – The One Who Didn’t Have Any Weight To Lose (…or So We Thought!)

So I love sharing Adam’s story – because I am his wife and he knows I am just teasing… On February 22, I needed Adam to take my pictures so I could register for the IsaBody Challenge. Anyway, Adam had just started using the products at that point – interested in knowing what I was doing that made me so energetic. I laughed the entire time I took his picture, thinking, “haha, slim. You don’t have any weight to lose!”. And then 16 pounds later on May 9th, we took pictures again and BOY did we notice a difference! The photo on the far right (July 3) was taken immediately following Adam’s first-ever cleanse day. (Yes, he lost the majority of his weight with shakes and healthy eating, the same nutrition principles discussed in our 6-week Bootcamp course.)

More About Adam:
Adam wears several hats – but his day job is technically a Herd Manager on his family’s 400-head dairy farm, Outback Dairy, in Varysburg, NY. So he is very active on his farm and keeping his weight under control has never been an issue. Prior to starting this nutritional plan, he was no stranger to junk food. His go-to: chips and dip, Reeses Pieces and peanut butter cups. But when Adam noticed his wife Katie experiencing such amazing results, he decided to be supportive, and try one of her shakes every morning for breakfast. He soon became hooked, and is now a walking billboard for the plan. His junk food cravings are gone, and his favorite product is the IsaLean Pro shake to kick-start his day.

Adam lost the majority of his weight without ever doing a ‘cleanse day’. He’s a ‘tough-guy’, and didn’t see the point. His early results were the result of healthier eating and the shakes. Today, Adam is still a firm believer in the shakes, and says he wont ever go a day without these products in his body. Currently, he helps to coach all of the men who join the team. If you would like to contact Adam, please use the sources on the Contact page. And heck, now he even does cleanse days and loves it!!!

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